Air Purifier LED Display

I have a rule that turns on sleep mode and turns off LED and it works fine. Tried to create a rule that just turns off or on the LED display, but it doesn’t work. Anyone know why?

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Can you send a screenshot of both rules, also check your rules history, see if it says why it has failed.

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In my 1st attempt I created 2 rules. One to turn off the LED Display at 11PM and another to turn ont he LED at 7AM… In both cases 'Riles History" indicated that the rule failed and then simply says “error”.

Then, in my 2nd attempt I created 1 rule that uses the Start (11PM, Off) and End Time (7AM, On). That also shows Failed and Error in the rule history.

Don’t see anyway to add a screenshot to the post??!!


Here is the screenshot I referenced in my post

There could be an issue with that rule action. What if you only have sleep mode and not led, does that also turn off the led?

I had a rule previously that turned on sleep mode at 11pm and a 2nd rule that switched to automatic mode at 7am. Those rules worked perfectly. When the purifier switched to sleep mode it shut off the LED display. When it switched to automatic mode it turned on the display.


Alright, so it sounds like sleep mode also automatically turns off the led, but the action just to turn off the led doesn’t work.

Does that sound right?


Thanks for confirming. I brought this up to see if anyone else can confirm this behavior so Wyze can fix it.

Thanks for reporting!

Great. I would find it useful to be able to automate turning the Display on and off, without switching into sleep mode.