Again? Are you serious? This is 💩

Cameras are down again. At first I thought it was just my first camera I bought in 2019. I thought it just finally died. I deleted it from the app and tried to connect it to Wi-Fi again on the app and then I decided to check the forum. I can’t believe this is happening again already.


Yeah I know I read the forum that’s what I said on my post that’s why I’m saying again this is bull

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Yep. Mine too. One went “offline” so I unplugged it. Weird thing was the camera itself was working, but app said offline. Then it wouldn’t work along with one after another of my cams. Unplugged router and plugged it back in. Now they are all offline.


Yea, I am seeing the same. I am also finding that Alexa is working and I am being notified of person events as well.

This is all part of the outage, strange as it is.