Ability to reboot Outdoor plug

Cameras can be rebooted either from the app, or via a scheduled rule. I wish you could do the same for Outdoor plugs.
My use case is that I have a mesh based WiFi and once in a while a device will insist on using a mesh node that is not best for the location of that device - resulting in poor performance. I have all of my cameras scheduled to reboot, and that usually will get a camera to move to a better mesh WiFi node. Can’t do that with the Outdoor plugs - and they damn near insist on sticking with a weak WiFi rather than roaming to a better one until power cycled.

I was going to link to all the similar the wishlists for this same thing, and saw you already made one:

Though there are similar ones:

I’ve even voted for some of them because I too want this. But so far Wyze’s response has been “Maybe later” so this isn’t something they’re planning to do anytime soon.

I will say that I have a mesh router myself, and many of them have thresholds we can set to tell the router how to manage this better on it’s own. Basically if a connection to a certain device is too weak of a signal, it will try to force the device to roam onto another, better node if the signal is better for the device. I am not familiar with Meraki, but it might be worth exploring the settings options.

I am curious, if the device is functioning on that weaker signal, at least it is still functioning. There are good reasons to want a camera on a stronger signal (make sure video events are uploaded and not jittery), but all that matters for the plug is whether it turns on or off, so a weak or strong signal should not make much difference as long as there is a signal…and if the signal is so weak that it goes out, then the device should automatically connect to the strong signal after the weak signal disappears.

Anyway, like you I have voted for the plugs to be given rebooting capabilities. Wyze knows this has been requested. Now we just have to wait and hope such a feature is eventually added. The more people that vote for those wishlist items, the more likely Wyze will consider it.

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