Timed auto ON plug setting

Lowes Iris (now defunked) plugs had a setting which you could set to TURN ON after a certain time after being turned off.
On their updates, they removed this feature, so it might have been a security issue?

But I loved using it for certain things such as restarting my router remotely. If I turned off my plug the router was plugged into, well, I would lose the wifi connection needed to turn it back on. Auto-on after off for ______ min/sec was the resolve.

See also this wishlist topic:

Given that this feature would likely require hardware change, it may not happen for a long time. You may want to check out this device, which can do what you describe (and even do it automatically on internet connection failure).

OK. Thanks for the info. That link was for an “internet triggered” auto-on. So it wouldn’t be the same as I described. At $70 each too, its not affordable for 6 routers, where the others were $24.

The feature for the Iris plugs were simply disengaged during an update, but yes, the plugs were near twice the size of Wyze, but the weight about the same. I have many dead ones now. Maybe I’ll rip into one and see.

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Gotcha. Price aside, I do believe the product I linked has the ability to remotely trigger a reset in addition to the automatic loss of ping feature.

Plug app needs a power cycle feature, for restarting the router or wifi the plug is connecting to.

Power cycle button will cut power to connected devices, then turn it back on after x seconds/minutes.
This would allow you to remotely restart internet routers/wifi access points that the plug is connected to.

As such, Wyze Plug cannot be used remotely when it is not connected to WiFi. I would like to use a Wyze Plug to control my WiFi modem. The plug doesn’t work when the modem is off (to turn it back on). So, it would be very useful if you can create a version of the Wyze Plug with a built-in battery.

If there was at least an “RESTART” command that automatically triggered “X” minutes after. Even if it was hard-coded.

Same thing here, I would like to re-start both modem and router but once the router/WiFi is off, well, you can’t send signal to plug to turn the router on.

Current state: Unable to use schedule the WYZE PLUG to restart my router/WIFI… doing so, it (of course) loses connection and therefore can’t get signal to turn on again.

USE CASE: I want to connect my router to a plug and restart it every night at 3:00AM. Issue is that once the WIFI is off (the router is off), the plug has no WIFI to receive command from.

If a “restart command” were added, maybe the plug will know to turn-off and say, 1 minute after that, turn-on back again. Still, no need to storing data or schedules in the plug,

Maybe being able to add “X” minutes. Say, 1 to 10 minutes or whatever the low code processing capabilities in the plug allows for.


Wyze Outlet - Power Cycle

I would like to use my Wyze Outlet(s) on my internet equipment so that I can power cycle them remotely if needed. Power off for X seconds and then automatically come back on. If I turn an outlet that is powering my internet equipment off, I wouldn’t be able to turn it back on because of the Wi-Fi dependency.