$34.99 for 2 V3 Cams

I came across this Home Depot sale. Don’t know how long it will last. https://www.homedepot.com/p/WYZE-Cam-v3-Wired-Home-Security-Camera-with-3-Months-Cam-Plus-Included-2-Pack-WYZEC3CP3X2/322233890?irgwc=1&cm_mmc=afl-ir-10451-483420-&clickid=2Nkz11yWnxyNRkCxC-XsQxInUkAx2lTx01XexU0


Wow! That’s a great deal, thanks for sharing!


This is an awesome deal. I bought a 2-pack of these a few days ago because it’s crazy to find V3’s for $17.50 each with free shipping!

I figure I can give them as gifts or let family friends buy them from me at cost later.


I wasn’t going to upgrade any cams till they came up with a cam that linked the siren to the HMS but at $17.50 it was hard to resist. In my situation I can use the cam without the IR lights on so it should minimize all the bugs that like the IR lights and cut down on motion triggers.

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Thanks, just ordered a set. Cant pass up the price. Always good to have a couple spares

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“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in”

Thank you for posting! Too good to pass up!
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Fantastic! My local HD has 14. And it is on the way to WalMart.

Thanks for the tip!


My Home Depot can’t find the 2 packs of course, website says they have 29 on Aisle FW, Bay 005 but no one can find them…


I ordered some from my store here. Should be ready for pickup tomorrow. We shall see. Said they had about 7 left, so…

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Ooh, that is so tempting. Maybe finally time to replace my trusty V2s? Unlike the Pros these still support CamLite and Alexa. Hmm.

(Two things holding me back are lack of 2K/4K and the poor WiFi. I’ve finally got to the point where my V2 feeds are pretty stable, and it sounds as if V3 radio performance would stink from those locations.)


That’s the biggest concern I have also. The “logic” I used to convince myself to jump is that I will swap out some short WiFi range V2s for V3s and thus have spare V2s in case the critical distant cams fail… :person_shrugging:


Well phooey

This is the current ad. I think I will go into Home Depot and mention bait and switch.


That’s strange, Tom, the link still shows $34.99 for me in two different zip codes thousands of miles apart. (And there are even a few in stock at a couple of stores.). The $8.99 ship to store (?) option sounds unappealing though.

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It did the same to me then I reloaded the link and it went back to $34.99… I ordered 2 packs to be delivered since the store could not locate…


Mine is ready for pickup, so I’m going to see if both are in the pkg when I get them.

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Better be 2 packs the invoice states they are.

And unlike Whyze they don’t charge shipping for each camera, the shipping is per order…

I wasn’t going to buy anymore Wyze Cams, but at that price why not…


Okay, peer pressure finally worked. I have to travel to pick up my order in the next 7 days. :slight_smile:

I used PayPal to pay for the cams. That order was cancelled. Remembered I had a Home Depot account from when they did our kitchen, front door, patio door, flooring, and who knows what else.

Used that account and ordered the 2 pack so we will see what happens.

Good I will buy these and send back the v3 Pro Cams, since they don’t work for me at all anyway

My Home Depot just called. They can’t find the cameras. Suggested I CALL in a couple days to see if they are in stock.