Price of OG and V3 increased?

A few minutes ago I checked the price of the Wyze cam OG and also the Wyze Cam V3 and it seemed to have increased. I checked both the app and also the website. The price also seems to be different for the OG when im logged in and when im not. When im not logged in the price of the OG is 24.99 and when im logged in, it increases to 25.99. Also one thing to note, the price of the OG used to be 23.99 and a pack of 2 were 45.98. The V3 used to be 29.99. Can someone explain to me what is going on?

I rarely see v3 cameras below $30 except for refurbs.

I buy only from Wyze directly, not Amazon. All these prices im talking about is from Wyze directly.

Just a guess here that your browser is seeing local cached data. When you logged on it re-read the page and got the current price of $25.99. I just tried it and without being logged on, I got the $25.99 price for the OG. If this is the case, refreshing the page without being logged in will no longer see the old price of $24.99.

And yes, unfortunately, prices (for damn near everything) keeps going up…

I buy where ever I can get a good deal. Best price I’ve seen on new v3 cameras was the December 2022 Home Depot half price sale on 2-packs ($17.50 per v3). Keep watching these forum threads for future deals. Thanks again to MtnMan for posting the December 2022 deal.

Hmm that’s not the case for me, when im not logged in the price is 24.99 even when I refresh it multiple times. Once I’m logged in it shows 25.99. The official MSRP price for the OG is 24.99. I want Wyze to tell me why I have to pay more when I’m logged in. I’m a loyal customer who buys alot… Why must I pay more?

That’s nice but what I’m saying is, I used to buy new V3 cameras from Wyze themselves for 29.99, now it increased to the same as Amazon pricing. Also I can’t wait for a sale in my case. I buy throughout the year.

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I just talked to Wyze support and they confirmed that there was a price increase to 25.99 for the OGs and that the 24.99 price will be fixed… Sadly

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