V3 Available at Home Depot and Microcenter

Wanted to give everyone a heads up that Wyze V3’s are available from both Home Depot and Microcenter. Pretty crappy that Wyze has stock for major retailers but limits those on their website from purchasing them without CamPlus.

To be fair, their sales contracts with many retailers were probably inked many months ago, well before they decided to change how they were going to sell direct to consumers on their own website. It does suck, but I do love my (2) V3’s, so I’m ok with Wyze doing what they need to so they can stay in business. Because the alternative is they sell at a deep loss, don’t make money, and end up shutting everything down. Then my V3’s basically go right in the trash and I need to start all over in a different ecosystem.

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That’s what I said in the other thread. :slight_smile:

But the camera cost $38 at home depot…twice as much as I paid from Wyze…

From what I have seen the ones at Home Depot Include a 32GB Wyze branded SD card so based on that the prices below(included 1 month of Cam Plus to allow purchase) it kind of evens out although you don’t get the month of cam plus if you purchase it at Home Depot.
V3 Camera 23.99
32GB SD Card 9.99
Cam Plus 1 Month 1.99
Shipping 5.99
TOTAL 41.96


It doesn’t bother me that they are selling through their retailers, I completely understand they had contracts in place and need that cash influx to stay solvent. What bothers me is they still have outstanding orders that have not been fulfilled because of lack of inventory but they had enough extra to sell it to their retailers.
I am a member of the early access preorder of the robot-vacuum, as part of the reward for the number of preorders was they were supposed to ship us a free V3 as soon as they had stock. I have yet to get mine and all Wyze can say is it will ship any day now but they had enough extra inventory to ship Home Depot and Micro Center thousands of V3 cameras.

You don’t see the contradiction? It is, presumably, BECAUSE of those contracts that they were obligated to fulfill the big orders first. All of those units were paid for.

Just saw these here at the Jupiter FL home depot. Almost 2x the price as ordering from wyze. They have FOUR full shippers of them.


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Nice, thanks. But don’t those boxes also include an SD card and (?) months of CamPlus? (Zoomed in, yep 32 GB.) Without shipping cost that may be the bargain way to get a V3… Too bad the Wyze cards are not so great.

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I also posted this in the update thread but thought I’d leave it here too.

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And if I’m not mistaken home depot does price match although I know for sure microcenter does, you can use wyze.com pricing.

The retail packages include a 32g SD card, there is nothing to match.

Oh ok so yeah home depot is completely different with their wyze products, sorry about that.

If anyone out there is having trouble finding the v3 cam, the doorbell cam or the thermostat there is some areas that I have found that you might be able to find them.
I live here in Colorado and at my local Home Depot I found the doorbell cam which they also have it in stock online, along with them having the v3, pan cams and v2 cams there also. The doorbell cam at Home Depot comes with a one-year campus membership included. I also discovered that the v3, and a thermostat are now both on Amazon and can be ordered and they both come with free shipping. So I thought I’d just let everyone know that if you’re having trouble or issues finding these products go ahead and check amazon, and Home Depot both locally and online.