$34.99 for 2 V3 Cams

This always happens to me when I order online from Home Depot .

I placed an order for the wyze floodlight and doorbell pro , on the website they had them both in stock at my local HD . Yet a few hours after placing the order I got the same message as you , I called them up and they told me that their website doesn’t get updated frequently.

Now when I stop by Home Depot and want to buy something from Wyze , they no longer place the devices out on the shelf . You have to scan a QR code of the item and go to the front desk and scan the bar code of the item and pay for it and then an associate helps retrieve it from a locked container.

But since I don’t trust the website since it rarely gets updated ,I always stop by and ask to see if the item is actually available before I make the purchase

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did u buy 4 bcz u got charged 39.99 each camera if u didn’t, it says you bought 2

theft… causes this

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Just picked up mine

from home Depot.


:rofl::rofl: Got Exactly what I ordered, 2 qty. of 2-packs :rofl::rofl:

That’s 4 cameras :smile_cat:


That’s why ordered online, no one could find them at my local Home Depot


I bought 3 two packs at my closest Home Depot. The number of available at each location seems accurate as the Home Depot web site number dropped by 3 after I bought mine. Each camera comes in clear plastic packaging inside the cardboard box if you are thinking about giving them as gifts. Thanks OP for posting about the deal.

My Home Depot had them locked in a electronics cage (near the check out), so I had to ask an employee.


I guess this is a form of advertising (which formal they don’t do IIRC)?

A STEEP discount through a partner to generate buzz and sales into the holiday?

Even turning around current customers with one foot out the door…!

Brilliant. :smile:

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I resemble that remark :rofl:

My one foot is still out the door, but $17.50 I couldn’t resist. Now I have spare backup cameras


Yup. :slight_smile:

10% is an insult. (Sometimes given to disgruntled customers since you can’t say ‘eff-off.’)

20% and my eyes may open, sleepily. I may buy it if I need it.

30-40% and I’ll probably buy it if I need it.

50% begins to be compelling (independent of what’s on offer!)



Placed an order at the other Home Depot.

Got an email with the locker number. :+1:


Me too! I might even get out there to pick it up. :slight_smile:

Just for kicks I looked this up. In early December 2020, I bought 8 v2s from Wyze at a 36% discount from their $25 common price (delivered).


Each came with a 3-mo Cam Plus subscription.

I ‘needed’ them as backups for the six I had deployed outdoors with imperfect weather protection.

In two years I have deployed only one - and that to a new position. The other seven are still new-in-box, not needed as replacements thus far. :trophy: :clap:



The $25 v3 was announced in January 2021. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grin:

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It was announced October 27th, 2020. Here is my order:


Well, it only pierced my consciousness in January 2021. Same thing. :wink:

Seriously, were yours bought ‘early access’ and they went on sale wide (publicly) in 2021?

That is accurate.

I was only correcting your statement because you said “Announced”:

But it was initially ANNOUNCED in October. :slight_smile:


They dumped me out of the early access circle of trust for inattention. I have had no special privileges since. :crying_cat_face:

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I should clarify that this wasn’t SPECIAL early access…this was public preorder open to every single person and very well known. No limitations on who could do it. They may have had a limited quantity though, I can’t remember that far. You would’ve been allowed in the preorder back then.

I went back to the original launch threads to try to find you posting in something prior to 2021…I was going to tease you in some way…memory, getting old, drinking too much, whatever…but sadly you were nowhere to be found in those early threads because now I remember you were on one of your long hibernation hiatuses at the time! That’s what happened.

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There was only one. It’s been suggested I need another. :roll_eyes: :grin:

BTW, I tried to buy four today but a higher power intervened… twice. That was message enough for me so I’m satisfied with what I’ve got whether I like it or not. :pray: :prayer_beads:

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