2.34 RC Test 8/17/2022


  • Android: 2.34.0.b72
  • iOS: 2.34.0(12)


  • Added support for a delay between a person being detected on an armed camera and an alarm being triggered
  • Added support for a Home/Away trigger for Wyze devices in Preset Rules
  • Fixed a bug that prevented turning on toggles on the Smart Detection page when using a Cam Plus free trial license (iOS)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the On/Off button on the Home tab from turning off all light strips in a group (iOS)
  • Bug fixes

Installing on iOS, waiting for it to become available for Android

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Same as spamoni4. On iOS, I did get the “Update Required” pop-up which took me to the normal Apple Store. Unlike the previous beta, at least the Apple Store realized that I have a beta and pointed me to Test Flight. I did not do the update…


This is great! I’ve been suggesting this!

YES! I’ve been wanting this for a long time too!
(Edit: I may have misunderstood what this was for…I thought it was being able to use the HMS or CPPro Home/Away status as a trigger for other routines to have other devices do something whenever we switch the HMS status to Home/Away)

Thanks, I just ran into some people having this issue. @Rulwiz weren’t you having this issue? Looks like a fix is coming out soon!


This is really BIG NEWS! The first introduction of the Alarm States into automation rules! But, “Preset Rules” has me concerned. Not user defined rules? Waiting for the feedback here to see how this works.

EDIT: Read :point_down: below. So sad again. :disappointed:


I don’t think it is related to the Alarm side of things, I think it is Location Services. If you look at the Preset, it says I am Home and, camera Notifications can be turned off for example. They added another preset to say I am Away which will turn on the camera notifications. It is basically a template for Location Based Rules. At least that is what it looks like on my iOS Device.

Just went the Actions and there is no integration with HMS, Unless I am missing something


You have popped my happy balloon. I am so deflated now.:pleading_face::disappointed:

I don’t use any location service rules, my GPS is off 99% of the time. So I would not have connected those dots.

Thanks though!


Lets wait for others. I may be missing it. The Android Update is not out yet or at least not available to me yet. So I will check that when it comes out. :wink:

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Makes me feel better that I wasn’t the only one!:joy:


Carver , how do you remember so many of the issues people report ? I swear you’re a genius

Yea when I set up my new v3 the other day , I got the free 14 day trial but when trying to enable smart detection on event recording and wyze ai events on notifications I would get this pop up

After a few hours of waiting , when clicking on the settings it would open up and no longer resulting in any pop up .

Glad theirs a fix !


This is not directly related to this update, been a bug for a while.

On the WCO, if I set it to HD, leave the stream, and come back, it persists the setting like all cams. On the v3, same happens in a group. On the WCO, it’s auto set to 360p whenever you leave the stream if the cams in a group.

So grouped WCOs keep setting themselves to 360p

Log: 686681

I’ve pressed all the buttons I can find and I can find no “support for a delay” nor can I find any situation where a cam triggers an “alarm”. The five Security Cameras” in my 2.34.0(b12) beta app only send a critical alert notification. What am I missing?

Cam Plus Pro


I see the same behavior on both of my WCO installs. It always wants to revert to 360p.

I can’t agree more. It is a sad turn of events. When I joined the WYZE community last Oct and fired up the app, the first two preset shortcut rules I saw were the Home button icon and the Away button icon. I added a Disarmed button and added lots of actions for each one to correspond to the HMS modes of Disarmed, Home, and Away. I see nothing new with what they have added with another set of Home and Away shortcut icon buttons. The new icon actions intuitively match the actions that were available for the original icons. I have not seen any integration with geolocation services. I still have my fingers crossed for HMS integration with shortcut rule triggers.

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Yeah. The HMS remains the Rudolph of the Wyze Home Automation world. They never let poor Rudolph join in any Home Automation games.


Thanks :woozy_face: Cam Plus Pro is a path I’ve yet to take.

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Is the pixelation ever going to be fixed? I’m on latest app and V3 firmware betas on iOS.


Anyone tried recording playback?

Guessing it’s the app beta, but may be the firmware beta.