2.12 Camera/Bulb/Band Beta Firmware test 7/16/2020


Wyze Cam v2: 4.9.6. 136
Wyze Cam Pan: 4.10.6. 136

Release notes (compared to 4.X.6.104 version)


  • Added support for Person Detection on CMC videos using Cam Plus


  • Fixed an issue which may cause pixelated videos

  • Improved Wyze Sense and Bridge stability

  • Reduced noise volume during live streaming

  • Changed the Wyze Cam Pan tracking to function like the 5.111 firmware version

  • Fixed an occasional issue that caused 12-second videos to be 13 or 14 seconds

  • Fixed an issue that could cause night vision to keep switching on/off during dusk

  • Other bug fixes


  • There might be video frame dragging during live streaming


  • Person detection with or without Cam Plus

  • Video quality

  • Wyze Sense and Bridge stability


Version: 1.2.0. 273


  • Added support for Sleep Routines

  • Added support for the Reconnect Button for offline bulbs

  • Improved logs


  • Sleep Routines

  • Reconnect Button when the bulb is offline


Version: 1.0.7. 44


  • Added Google Fit and Apple Health data integration

  • Added a freestyle exercise mode

  • Added support for 12hr/24hr time format change

  • Added support for red dot notifications

  • Added support for changing screen light duration

  • Added a reminder for multiple device logins


  • Increased the number of available Shortcuts from 5 to 10

  • Improved the customized clock face

  • UI improvements


  • Fixed a time zone bug

  • Fixed a crash issue when lacking location permission


  • Previously, if there were multiple phones logged into the same Wyze account and one of them is paired with Wyze Band, it could not automatically un-pair when the user used a different phone. With this release, there is a new popup that will allow users to pair the band to the current phone. However, it does not work if Wyze Band was connected to an iOS device. In that case, you will have to manually delete the Bluetooth connection from that iOS device and then it should pair to the current phone.

  • When the time format is set to 24 hours, it does not yet apply to other pages in the app (weather, heart rate, activity, etc.).

  • On Android only, authorizing or removing the Google Fit data sync does not trigger a popup when the phone is offline and the sync setting change actually failed.


This new Firmware fixes HALF of a previous issue, but not the other half of the issue.
I tested the Contact Sensor “is left open/closed” Notification Issues from the previous firmware. See the following threads for more info on this issue:

This new firmware fixes PART of the issue. If you already set up and saved the “Is left open/closed” notification while your camera was using a previous firmware build (ie: v., this new firmware (v. finally allows the notification to push to your phone! However, you can not make changes to it (you can’t remove it, you can’t modify the time, and if it isn’t already set, you can’t have it start giving any notifications for “Is left open/closed”).

Wyze Beta v2.12.9
Connected Bridge:
Cam Firmware:
Plugin Version:

So for anyone who really needs to update/use the “Is left open/closed” notifications, but still wants to use this newest firmware, your temporary solution is to do the following when you want to make changes to those specific notifications:

  1. Take the Cam the bridge is connected to and temporarily roll back the firmware to [or whatever other firmware you want that allows you to make/save those notifications].
    a) To roll back firmware, click on the Cam that sensor is connected to through the bridge. Click Settings (the gear icon). Click Device Info. Click Firmware Version. Click “Have problem?” Select “Revert” next to the desired firmware you want to roll back to (I recommend which I previously tested).
  2. After firmware rolls back on that cam, select the sensor you want to add or change “Is left open/closed” notifications for and make your desired changes.
  3. Go back to the cam whose firmware you previously reverted and update the firmware back to the newest version (v.
  4. Test the sensor by leaving it open or closed for the set period of time and you will start getting a notification for those now. At least, I do for mine.

So, it’s not totally fixed yet, but at least now there is a workaround to keep using the newest firmware until Wyze gets around to fixing the issue themselves.


Hi All, we found a potential stability issue on the 6.135 camera firmware internally. We haven’t seen reports yet but we want to take care of it proactively. We are working on a fix over the night and will re-release for tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks!


Thank you for letting us know and for being proactive!

You are welcome! :slight_smile:

Update: The new version 4.X.6.136 was released for v2 and Pan. We are good now. Thanks!

Ever since the update all my cameras are offline and it was just working fine last night :disappointed:

So sorry! Do they show as ‘offline’ in the app? Can you tell me the LED light status?

Can you still see livestream via ‘LTE’ mode? (Please switch to LTE mode since we want to make sure the connection is from outside).

In offline mode we have to use SD card to take camera logs. Can you take out SD card and re-insert SD card into your camera? After hearing two chime sound, there will be a log_XXXX.txt file in the root directory. I would like to take that file for investigation. Thanks a lot for your help!


This is what it looks like in offline/LTE mode, I don’t know what the LED light status is because I currently have them both mounted. Also it doesn’t have SD card.

@WyzeTao I updated the pan camera to the latest and I am noticing several issues:

  • Severe pixelation whenever the camera moves
  • The camera movement is “smooth” to some extent. In theory I like it better than the abrupt movement of the 5.111 fw, but in the changelog you said that the tracking function is supposed to function the same as 5.111 (from which I just came) and they are definitely different.
  • The camera completely ignores the detection area I set and it starts motion tracking anything that moves. Also, this differs from the 5.111 firmware, where the detection area was honored.

No problem. thanks for letting me know. Can you try to power cycle the camera and see if it comes back?

@WyzeTao just updated mine

I don’t show as offline to any but have bad pixelation and can’t connect to a few of my cams. I mean like it just loads and loads but doesn’t connect. Please help

I’ve power cycled multiple times I’ll try again

By the way this is in camera group mode that some don’t load up. Not sure if that makes a difference

  • The pixelation issue is the video dragging issue in our release note. we are still working on it.
  • We will check the tracking difference. We set the settings the same with some code being rewritten. We will take a second check.
  • If you have detection zone set, the first movement will come from the detection zone. Once motion tracking started, we will ‘ignore’ the detection area. That is our current design. Think about the case you are monitoring your door. When someone comes into your door, it will have an event generated and then follow the person. Once pan starts tracking the previous detection zone is not effective anymore.

@WyzeTao looks like one camera turned back on gonna try power cycling the other

Can you send a log to us with your connection time in the note? Please tell us the ticket #. A screen recording will be super helpful. Thanks!

Looks like power cycling fixed the issue for now. I’ll report back if it happens again. Thanks

One of my v2’s were constantly rebooting (like only alive for a 5 seconds, reboot, repeat…) with I downgraded the firmware, upgraded again and now it’s behaving. Just FYI.

thanks! You are not supposed to power cycle it. If it happens again, It will be super helpful if you can check LED status light and use SD card to take a log. Thank you in advance!

Oops. Well sorry about that… I won’t power cycle again but at least it’s fixed. I’ll make sure to check the status LED next time.