Your thoughts on Wyze Webview (Beta) so far?

I just gave it a quick go and it seems to be worse than bluestacks at the moment. I can’t get my cam to load on firefox browser (haven’t tried other browsers yet). This is currently what I see, just an endless loading icon…

How did you get started? I have Cam+ but don’t know how to begin…


Got all my camera’s to load (5 V3’s) but no sound is coming through. Using google chrome. Tested it with spotify to be sure volume working as intended. Go back to webpage, no sound. Anyone else?

This is still a fairly early beta and I do not believe they have sound working yet

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Interesting I tryed on on my phone I’m running windows 7 pro, Firefox, Chrome work just fine I did notice that the V3 loads the fastest

@WyzeJasonJ Totally agree my friend. Just throwing it out there as what I experienced. Happy it’s even an option. Happy thanksgiving!

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Well, it’s a tiny tiny first step, that’s the good news.

Things that I noticed after just 5 minutes of use (all the following, bad news):

  1. Cameras load way too slowly, much slower than on the app (perhaps this is a PC issue, they seem to load faster using WebView/Safari/iPad than WebView/Chrome/PC (see specs below).
  2. Wasted whitespace around the cameras views.
  3. Random ordering of the cameras, why?!? No way to reorder them??? At least they can be viewed in camera groups (but apparently not in the group order, why not??, and the groups can’t be edited in the webview).
  4. Limited to CamPlus subscribers only (I am), and only those cams.
  5. In event view, no way to “edit” mode (to enable the checkboxes and the delete button like in the app).
  6. No way to night mode (should be super-easy in a browser).
  7. No way to change viewing resolution (like in the app).
  8. Live view should auto-start the videos (though maybe browsers don’t allow auto-play)

So again, it’s a tiny step in the right direction. (edit: ok I can list a few good things).

  1. Being able to go full-screen on my 27" monitors is extremely helpful to see what’s going on in a video, to see a detail.
  2. Having full-screen use of the Events timeline thumbs (in two columns) is great, why the app wastes so much screen real estate (especially on an iPad) which has screen space comparable to a PC/browser, is maddening. It’s great that on iPad/Safari/Webview, rotating the tablet gives me the two-columns as well.

Hopefully Wyze can fix many of the UI issues quickly, as browser UI development is in many ways so much easier to get right (albeit many more variations of browsers, settings, underlying software/hardware choices).

(edit: forgot to add I’m using a Win10 business class desktop PC (i5, Intel 530 dedicated graphics), ethernet-connected on Gbit LAN infrastructure to Comcast > 500Mbps measured download speed). Slow video startup is true even trying to view my Wyze cams on the same LAN (although of course the Wyze are wifi).

@Vince I’m seeing the same using Firefox 94.0.1 on Windows 10 build 19043, I can’t really get anything to load at all.

Edge is better, and after up to a minute to load each feed, once I get them all loaded they stay active/live. Was interested to see my cam pan v2 working alongside my v3 cams and cam pan v1 as it sounded like it wasn’t supported, at least at the moment.

Random ordering of cams on the page… in no way resembles my layout in the app. Event videos pop right up basically instantaneously, on both Edge and Firefox. But on Firefox some videos that loaded in Edge wouldn’t initially load and displayed a “no compatible source was found for this media” type error. Eventually they loaded and I couldn’t reproduce immediately.

Also, does anyone know about the permissions pop-up that wants to use my microphone? Is that for the ability to have 2-way communications with the cameras?

All in all, not a bad freshman effort all things considered!

Does not work with Firefox. But works with Chrome.

I agree that it’s only the first baby steps, hey it’s beta and we couldn’t do this yesterday. I am lucky Bluestacks works well for me and at this point works just like the phone app which is better then this beta. But now I have the option to check in on any Windows machine when the need arises. I just wanted to give folks a heads up who don’t know this trick that on Windows you can push the windows key and the + and you can zoom in on what you are looking at.

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that’s all i get also. buffering, buffering, etc. when i want to watch one cam at a time, i just bring it up on my echo show 5

I get the same. Using Chrome. I have tried multiple times, with multiple cameras. It never loads, but never gives an error message. Anyone else have this and solve it?

After reading some of the comments, I found that my v3 cam works, but my doorbells do not. Are they not supported?

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I have the same issue. My V2 Cam works, but doorbell is just the swirly.

@Vince could we get the OTP page configured to place the entry box in focus?

I’m used to head-down typing OTP into other sites. The cursor is pointing to the entry box on those.

With the Live Beta, I type in the OTP and look up and nothing happened because the focal point is not defined.

Thank you.

I’m really enjoying the web version.

Works good. What would really top this off for me is if the cameras could be arranged in a grid like system with one of the camera views larger than the others so it is more prominent and easier to see.

Can we please get some sort of update/acknowledgement from Wyze that they are aware of the problem/working on it? Thanks

Doesn’t work on my Chromium browser. Every camera says I need cam plus. I have cam plus on 3 out of five cameras; a mix of v2 and v3 cams all with update firmware.

I can not get it to work with Chrome or any browser. It worked for a week or so then it went away. It is more like Alpha testing than Beta Testing. I