Webview never loads my cameras, I have the pro accounts

I am about to give up on this. I can load my cams perfectly fine from the app on samsung phone but webview shows me my subscribed camera but they never load, spinning circle, WTH??

What am i paying for?

Again, it is not my slow internet at home since app works perfect. Webview worked a bit 3 months ago, took 30 seconds to start my cam but now it never starts the live view.

Yes, it has issues off and on, and yes it’s still in beta. It will get fully working one of these days…

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I get having issues, but how about NOT WORKING at all?

Why can i see my cams alright in the app but only spinning circle in webview for the last 3 months? Anyone from Wyze gives a damn? thanks.

It’s still beta. If it was not then you have a valid point. You can’t complain about beta stuff not working as its not yet ready for release. Just report your issues but you need to be more specific. There is no way I can even attempt to duplicate your issue without knowing how you are trying to access it, what browser, what phone, what computer OS. It works just fine for me as it is now.

Reasons that webview may not work:

Your Browser, Firefox doesn’t always work I have better luck with Chrome

Your Internet bandwidth is not enough, try accessing from a remote location with better internet.

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I use Chrome and bandwitdh is perfectly fine since i can view my cams in the app just fine as stated above. Yes, my upload at home where the cameras are installed is not spectacular BUT the app shows me my property without any issues and that has been the case from day 1 (8 months now) - i get a live view in a great quality, Webview does not load them at all , spinning circle.

Point taken on beta, but worry is what good is a beta that does not work at all??? It worked sluggishly (loaded for 30 seconds before showing me any live view) in the first month or two of beta. I usually have a good hunch about these things… beta usually works but has quirks (maybe), this stuff doesn’t work at all.

What info to provide? Happy to. Browser is Chrome (just tried FF and got a message FF is not supported and i should use Chrome). Phone is Samsung galaxy s10, app works perfectly well. Computer OS? tried on both Mac OS and mostly Windows 10. no luck in either with Chrome (again, same Chrome worked briefly at the start, hence my hunch is this is not on my end). Anything else?

Your app gets redirected to run on local network (LAN) to connect App to Camera.

The Web viewer connects to the camera via the internet to Wyze servers then back to cameras.
You are not streaming on your local network like the App.

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When I’m 100 miles from my house, the app uses Lan?

It’s been “in beta” since last November – seven months. Not buying that excuse any more. Worse, it was actually working fine a couple weeks ago, but then went back to authentication errors on login (regardless of the browser, whether incognito window or not, ad blocker on or off). Why break it when it was working? This isn’t rocket science – I had Foscam cameras over a decade ago that I could stream easily (and securely) on a browser.

I specifically purchased a Cam Plus subscription because it promised Web View. If Wyze can’t provide that service, they’ve misrepresented their product. Which we may need to let the FTC know about.

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No it would not use LAN in that case.

At my location webview has difficulty connecting but it does eventually…

When I use another network than the ones the cameras are on it loads quickly and streams…

Just my experience with webview, at home even it goes outbound and inbound to get video instead of LAN directly as App does while on same WiFi network.

Anywhere remote webview works fine for me.

exactly, what a load of crap from wyze, they wrote good software and now backing out of it by calling it a beta and making good folks on here think this excuses all the problems, or shall i say bluntly, it NOT WORKING at all, as has been my case. is any of wyze employees watching this forum? how do i escalate this OR perhaps i have no way to escalate… since it is in… “beta”…?