You WILL lose your cameras in an emergency!

We just went through a hurricane. Power was on, but internet was out. Looting was happening. I tried to check our Wyze security cameras, but the Wyze app forced / logged me out. It now needs internet to log you in. So despite the cameras working on your local wifi / intranet, now the entire system is rendered useless because you can’t use the app to view anything.

This is the most short-sited, dim witted, and DANGEROUS product change I’ve ever seen.

Tell anyone that you care about! Trust me it’s not great to find out in an emergency.

I will certainly be canceling the subscription, and replacing this effectively useless camera system.

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Wyze cameras have always relied on the internet for access. If you are connected to one on the same local network and the internet goes down you should still be able to monitor it. But you cannot connect to another camera without an internet connection.

If you need access to the cameras without the internet, Wyze cameras are the wrong choice.


maybe short-Sighted.
But Wyze never guaranteed 24/7-100% access to video.
Maybe you do want to find a different solution.
Curious, what did you do to insure you had 24/7 100% Internet?
Have you considered removing your SD cards and watching the video on a laptop?

I sincerely hope you came out okay from the hurricane. Been there myself.


Wrong! If your device (iPhone) app is on the same wifi network as the cameras, the app can view the cameras without internet access. NOW without internet, the app logs you out and you can’t log in - to view anything. Of course it shouldn’t do that for this very reason - the internet goes out during an emergency.

Clearly you’ve drank the Wyze coolaid. I don’t need or expect internet in a Hurricane. I need and expect the app that monitors my functioning camera to NOT LOG ME OUT when I need to view the cameras. Which by the way is DURING the event - not after the fact.

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That has been tested many times over here in the forum. It has been disproved.

The reason this is not a possibility is because of the specific way the App secures the Live Stream with the cam. When you initiate the Live Stream by clicking on the cam, Internet Servers are used to initiate a Peer to Peer stream from the cam to the phone App, wherever it may be. Without the Internet, that stream will never initialize, nor will the App.

When you are on the same network, the Internet Servers responsible for securing the Peer to Peer Live Stream secure it within your local network. If Internet is lost after that P2P stream is established and secured, the stream will continue. However, if you break the stream it will not be able to be reestablished without Internet Communication to the P2P Servers.

These are IP cams. They work on Internet Protocols. There are many ways to test this from reviewing the Router Log traffic when initiating a Live Stream to disconnecting your ISP WAN from your WiFi Router.

However, this is NOT related to the App logging you out when there is no internet. That is something new I have not seen. When I cut the Internet off or activate my VPN or block WiFi from my phone in the router, I just get an error loading the Home Page. It doesn’t log me out.


You should probably consider purchasing an NVR and POE cameras from Amcrest or another company along with a UPS. That would provide cameras and access during internet and power outages, at least for as long as the battery in the UPS has power. However, it’s a much more expensive option.


Wow. Yes, viewing on the app is/was possible on any intranet (without internet). And Yes, NOW the app forces a log out and log in when internet is not detected. :roll_eyes: [Mod Edit] senseless & useless in any common emergency, when internet goes down. And of course I have several power redundancies, including a UPS.

“Now most people use Wyze’s RTSP firmware that allows both internet and intranet access,”

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My internet stays up and I have UPS units on routers and cameras. Worked great for me in the last hurricane :cyclone:.

Only with Wilma 2005, did I have an issue after 5 days. After five days the central office lost power.

A generator can recharge exhausted UPS units.

Maybe try another internet provider or call Elon.

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Unfortunately, Wyze no longer supports RTSP on their cams. You will note that the thread you referenced is three years old. The firmware is still out there, if you can find it, but has been unsupported for some time. It is also limited to only a select few cam models. Sort of a “use at your own risk” option.

Can you please post the version of the iOS App you have installed that was exhibiting this behavior.

I have tested my current production version of the Android App under many different conditions:

  • on WiFi w\ WiFi Router DC from ISP & Mobile Data off
  • on WiFi w\ phone blocked in router & Mobile Data off
  • on WiFi w\ VPN locking down traffic & Mobile Data both off and on
  • WiFi and Mobile Data Off

None of these scenarios logged me out of the App. All but the last one loaded the App and Home Page, although the Shortcut Icons could not load and no devices could load. The last did not allow the App to load and told me there was no network connection. Restoring the internet in all these cases immediately allowed the App to open without the necessity to log in.

Since I cannot test this under iOS conditions, I have asked others to try and replicate it.

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I am canceling mine too. Had a situation where they did not automatically renew my monitoring subscription (as it was set up to do) so it disabled the entire security system, while I was traveling. When I called they first stated they had no record of a subscription. Then they figured out they did on a subsequent support case but could not explain why I was cut off. By then I was traveling for 2 weeks and had no way of activating the system. I asked them not to renew my subscription until I got home as I wanted to decide whether to continue. A week later they charged me for a subscription (while I was still traveling) and they refuse to give me a refund, because they claim I renewed the subscription. Instead they are saying I can cancel but there will be no refund. At this point Wyze can keep the money, I am going with another security company

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The customer service and experience is going downhill.
We’ll be switching to CCTV.
The products do not work, they know and don’t fix the issues yet they’re always launching new products. Plus with all the subscriptions left and right it’s getting pricier or equals than better providers.

Agree. That is why I shut my service down and moved to another security system

Although I am a new Wyze customer , I have been involved in video monitoring, surveillance and security systems since the very first time I used a computer. (a “portable” with no hard drive… cold-booted from a 5-1/4" floppy to blast DOS v 1.0 onto its screaming 256kB RAM. I’M AN OLD DUDE!).
Of course I’ve been aware of WYZE since their humble beginnings, but I must admit I’ve never thought of them as a “security company”. Maybe I just need to open my eyes a bit wider, but I’ve always believed they are a product company that sells security-related hardware; the home monitoring services seem like a necessary evil for any O.E.M counting on their I.P. to achieve scale. :roll_eyes:


Wow, you’re older than me. I agree that Wyze is not a security company. They are more of a fun gadget company that sells cheap cameras. I do like cheap cameras but I don’t expect them to be as good as CCTV.


Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @Honestly! :raising_hand_man:

Portable? That’s new tech!

1985 Basic Coding on a TRS 80-III with an AC-3 Acoustic Coupler Modem! Oh the days of coding dot matrix printer art!

UPDATE: I just remembered… “Keyboarding” wasn’t even invented back then. We had to take “Typing” on one of these:

It was high-tech back then. It had the correction tape in the machine! WOW!


Wow this forum is packed with Wyze shills. :joy: Of Course people buy these cameras, and place them around their home exteriors & interiors, FOR SECURITY. Duh. What they don’t count on is NOT BEING ABLE TO USE THEM AT ALL WHEN THEY MAY NEED THEM THE MOST IN AN EMERGENCY WHEN THE INTERNET IS DOWN. They were, and of course should be functional on the home wifi’s intranet. They are not now. Dumb.

Service cancelled

New System Ordered

Unsubscribed from Shill err Wyze Forum :+1:t3:

What did you go with? Want to sell your Wyze stuff?

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problem is when internet is unreliable they disable sd card recording and log you out thinking someone is trying hack aws when camera repeatedly relogins to cloud after internet goes down and up.
when you have good fast internet product may work but in places with good internet usually there is no need for cameras

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