Error 27 and Error 90

Camera is a joke. It went from error 27 to error 90. Network is online. Wired CCTV cameras are online. Wyze cam abruptly disconnected. Bravo. It’s truly a joke product. Reliability is ZERO. Not to be used for any kind of security. Restarting device in the app is useless. And if you’re overseas good luck getting it back online. The most unreliable joke camera around. I was silly to have purchased it. Bought into all their erroneous hype. It’s a camera and company that’s very much a work in progress. DO NOT USE IT FOR SECURITY. The most reliable are still wired CCTV cameras. You pay for what you get. That’s why wired CCTV cameras are EXPENSIVE because their reliability is undeniable.


Just to be clear Wyze does not market the camera as a security camera. In fact they are quite clear it should NOT be used in security. I am sorry you seem to have been convinced otherwise.


@GSSALO Sorry to hear you are having problems.
However, the Wyze cams Terms of Service does not claim to be a security camera.

Wyze Products and Services are primarily intended for purely personal and household use.


The products and services are not intended for use as security or life safety devices or services (such as a burglar alarm or monitoring system). Please do not rely on the products and services for any such critical uses.

You totally missed the OPs point. The camera does not work. Security or not! You need to get your crap together. I’m rating 0 on Amazon because mine has the same issues after months and months of this problem.

Welcome to the community, @joeivie. Moderators and Mavens don’t work for Wyze. They are customers just like you, who have volunteered to assist the community on this forum. :slight_smile:

Have you submitted a support request for the issue you are having with your camera? Here is a description of the error codes and what they mean from the support articles.