Reset Off-line camera remotely

I have a camera at my home on the coast 5 hours away. I bought it mainly to see what is happening to my home during a hurricane or what I might see once I get there after the hurricane. Well I have grown to like checking even when there is not a hurricane threat. Any way, on the night of 8/3 a hurricane hit our town. My camera captured heavy rain and winds around 11:47pm and then went off-line. Bring 5 hours away, I would love to have a way to reset the camera remotely to see any issues. I have electric and wifi at the home because I can connect to my thermostat and my bs k yard camera , a different brand. Thanks

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Unfortunately, you’ll have to go and power cycle the camera and/or factory reset it.

You can’t do this in the Wyze app with the camera alone when the camera is offline. you could put a Wyze plug on the camera and power cycle it to try to get it to reconnect.

Or (and this is obvious) any other brand of smart plug. Though it is certainly convenient to have both in one app.

Another thing you can consider is a UPS. Small ones start around $20 and they go way up. It’s essentially just an inline battery backup.

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Power Controller via IP and Telephone <> IP-P3

We use these at commercial locations to remotely reset a modem or router, and PTZ cameras (Not Wyze)

You can power cycle 4 outlets over the internet or by calling and dialing touch tones.

Very useful when a modem or router reset is required and the network is down, that is if you have a telephone line to connect to it…