Can Wyze Cam be remotely reset when offline in the app?

Can I reset my Wyze Cam remotely with my cell phone? Currently it is offline, other cams are online.

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Not if it’s showing offline. The app does have a reboot function in settings, but it won’t work is the camera is not connected to the app. What you can do for the future is plug the camera power supply into a smart plug. That way if you’re away you can cycle the power to the camera as long as your home WiFi is still up. I used to do that a few years ago with a video place shifting device that would occasionally go offline and would need a power cycle to fix it when I was away and trying to use it.


Thank you so much for your help raym64. I will connect the cameras to a smart plug.

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Also, nothing against Wyze, but in this particular case I wouldn’t use a Wyze smart plug if the Wyze bridge is plugged into that camera. That’s because if the camera goes offline, the smart plug would also go offline. A third part smart plug would still allow access to power cycle the camera whether Wyze was online or not, A Wyze smart plug could also work if the bridge was in a different camera, but then you would still have the issue in that camera if it goes offline.

The Wyze Plug is a WiFi device like most all other smart plugs, not a bridge device. Only the Sense sensors (contact & motion) use the bridge.

So you can use a Wyze plug to reset power to a camera, no problem.

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Ah, I forgot about that. The plugs are the one thing from Wyze I haven’t used yet…Well, the lock also, but that’s on order.

I like the Wyze Plugs. They are inexpensive, I’ve had no setup or range issues with them, and they are rated for more current than most.

I plan to get some plugs at some point to add to my Wyze collection. The only reason I haven’t bought any so far is that I’m already using 8 other smart plugs of various brands and don’t have a new place to use anymore yet. I love the Wyze brand though.
I have quite a few smart devices since I’ve been adding since the first Echo device was released back in 2014. Actually, many years before that, I first got into “smart control” using old X-10 power line devices and even a microphone on a windows PC to use voice control, but it never worked anywhere near as well as today’s modern WiFi devices

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