Will wyze plugs power cycle my wyze cam when it is offline?

Will wyze plugs (early version) power cycle my wyze cam when it is offline? My experience says, “no” but I was wanting input from the Wyze comm. I have two Wyze Cams (Cam v3 and Pan v2) connected to separate Wyze Plugs and haven’t had any luck with power cycling cameras. Note: the cameras are in hard to reach locations.


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The early version of Wyze Plug does not have the ability to power cycle when offline. The setting exists in the cloud and can’t get to the plug while offline.

I believe the 2021 and 2022 versions have the option for a local schedule which can do this. I think it started in the 2021 version but I am sure someone will correct me if I am thinking incorrectly.


Sorry if this is a dumb question, but my brain can’t quite figure out which device is OFFLINE in your question, so here goes:

Is the question can the plug power cycle the camera when the PLUG is offline, or when the CAMERA is offline?

To state the obvious, if the plug is ONLINE, then whether the camera is online or offline, then you can certainly power cycle the camera using the plug, either directly in the Wyze app, or using a rule on the plug, or a local schedule on the plug (on the plugs that support local schedules).

If the plug is OFFLINE, then you can still power cycle the camera through the plug, by using a local schedule on the plug (on the plugs that support local schedules), but not using a rule or in the Wyze app.

All of my Wyze plugs, are the 2021 plugs, and they all support local schedules, and I assume the 2022 plugs do as well since they are newer, but mine are all the 2021 version.

With a local schedule (not a rule, but a local schedule), you can configure multiple schedules to turn the plugs on or off at different times and specific days of the week, which the plugs will perform even if they lose internet access.

So using a local schedule on the plugs (that support local schedules), you can power cycle anything connected to it on a pre-defined schedule.

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