Cam is offline and it is over 100 miles away!

Need to be able to reboot remotely!

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There is an option to restart the camera, but probably won’t work. Install a smart plug (Wyze or other brand) so you can power cycle the camera remotely. Remote rebooting probably wouldn’t be available either, if the camera is already offline.


Is it REALLY offline, or is it just saying so on the Home screen? One of the more common issues is that a camera will show offline on the main screen, but will actually work fine if you select it. I see this somewhat regularly. It self clears in anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. Nothing I have found that I can do to manually clear it.

We use smart plugs on all of our cameras due to there at remote sites and not the wyze crap plug

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@kae4560 - Only Wyze devices I buy are their V3 cameras, and have some v2’s and 1 pan cam.

Definitely would not buy “The Wyze Plug Crap” or any other Wyze Cheap Chinese Junk either.

The ONLY thing Wyze sold that I like were the V2, V3, and Pan Cams, everything else is pure junk in my opinion

Yep, a wifi plug will give you that ability better than restarting the cam.

I’ve had once or twice, an offline cam come back online by itself. Just like K6CCC says, it might not be offline/completely offline.

Since you are 100 miles from it, its not like you are going to run outside and restart it, so just be patient - give it a couple of days, it might come back online ('cause it wasn’t really offline) - maybe.

But add a wifi plug and make your life easier anyway, when you can. :slight_smile:

I’ve had it happen MANY times. But then I have an ISP with speeds that borderlines on a 300 baud modem I had in the 70’s and a rural electrical system that is subject to going down, often.
The ISP is putting in fiber so they don’t maintain their lines.
I worried at first, but I’ve found a mix of V2’s and V3’s let’s me see what I HAVE to see for peace of mind.
Often a cam would come back on line after a power outage. But I’m 900 miles away so I’m just looking at radar and see all the cams go offline, then most come back on, and maybe a day or so later another comes back online.

Hi Sam Bam
The thing should work, full stop vs needing to wait a day or two. My car doesn’t start but no worries, I’ll just wait a day or so and hope it then turns over. Not a good conops. Also, using a wifi plug from another company may be a better way to give increased odds to power cycling working. Unless you have the outdoor cameras like I do where you can’t recycle power remotely. Hope wyze doesn’t say I should call my neighbor and ask them to recycle the units Thanks

Hey y’all. Had this issue too. Cams are installed in inaccessible areas and sometimes I am away. Sometimes they go offline willy nilly or are online but show as offline. Doing a firmware update on a remote camera is also a majorly risky proposition. My solution, which works perfectly every time… I bought 4 off brand smart plugs on Amazon for $14. They are Alexa and Google Home compatible, and they have their own smart app, When I need to power cycle a cam, I flip the power off in the app, wait a minute, flip it back on and wait a couple minutes to recheck it in the Wyze app. No more crawling around in the attic to get to the plug to power cycle it. If it needs a hard reset though…I’m hosed. Hope this helps!

We have the same set up at all of our sites,the app is smart life, gosund is the wifi plug I think they were about $25.00 for a 4 pack…it a must have due 2 some sites are over 300 miles away and in remote locations

If I recall correctly, one can also set the camera to restart on a schedule. I recall doing that for one of my cameras where it would stop recording motion clips after a while, but a restart always cleared up the issue.

I had the very same problem! Very dodgy power here causes outages that my cams cannot always recover from. Thank God I caught it before I am away for 6 months! Installing a Wyze Plug on each CamPan I’m using did the trick!