Yellow Hue

Hey folks! I’ve installed 3 Wyze Cam V2s throughout my apartment a couple of months ago. I hadn’t noticed this initially and truly believe it hadn’t been an issue before.

One of the camera’s image seems to have developed a yellowish hue in the evening after the sun goes down. In natural lighting I don’t believe this is the case. The odd thing is I set up another camera on the opposite corner, angled similarly, which doesn’t seem to have this problem. It is possible that the camera may have shifted ever so slightly as the power cable runs down from the camera (on the ceiling) to the floor and a gentle tug at the cable may have done this.

Has anyone else experienced this? Would angle or placement of the camera have any influence on this and if so why isn’t the other camera experiencing the same thing? I’ve included a group view image as a reference. Please excuse the mess, apparently my 2 year old hasn’t grasped the concept of “clean up time” yet.

more than likely it is cause by light source.

to debunk it, simply switch the cameras positions and see if the hue follows the original camera. if the hue is only seen from that one corner it is cause by a light source ( and reflection) somewhere. if the hue follows the original camera into the new corner, then I would say it is the camera and open a ticket with Wyze.

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I’d place them side by side in the different spots to test out and make sure the white balances are working the same for each camera.

I have that on one of my wyze pan. Day time color is normal, night time with LED flood light it’s yellowish. I placed another wyze pan side by side and that one has normal color (not yellowish). I hope they can add white balance adjustment in the future.

Sorry for the late response. I’ve done as some of you suggested and swapped locations of the 2 cameras and the one in the location of the previous camera exhibiting the yellow hue does not have this problem; while the one that did have the yellow hue continues to exhibit this characteristic even in it’s new location.

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wowsers. it did take a minute to hear back from you. :smile:

if the problem is following that camera I would reach out to Wyze support and see what can be done on their end.

I have a problem with the yellow hue or yellow tint on one of my wyzecam v2 also. I emailed support and they said it might be a hardware defect. I’m going to try and get a replacement.

@gleung627 Did you ever get your yellow hue wyzecam resolved? I was able to get a replacement that doesn’t have the yellow hue. Customer service was very helpful and responsive.

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@cheaplikeafox I haven’t contacted support yet TBH. I’m rarely on here as you can see lol but perhaps now that I’m here I’ll start my ticket. Thanks for the update!

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Hope you are able to get your issue resolved. I noticed my yellow hue is still present on the new wyze v2 camera with the latest firmware When I downgraded my old wyze v2 camera to fw, the yellow hue disappeared. This seems like a firmware issue. I’m surprised no one else on the forum mentioned it.

I went through the usual troubleshooting process and support also determined a replacement was necessary. It was shipped out today so I should be receiving it shortly. I can totally see this being a firmware problem as the image just suddenly appeared yellow one day while it worked flawlessly when I first received it. I guess I’ll just have to wait until the new cam arrives and run some tests myself. Good luck and keep us posted if you’re able to convince tech support to review the latest firmware for bugs.


If you’d tested other cameras in the same location. Its the camera. I have the same issue but with day light only. Camera was fine before latest firmware upgrade. Now 1 of 5 cameras are yellowish during day!

Could it be the latest firmware? I observed a very strong yellow hue in one of the cameras - always after sunset, with indoor lighting on. We have not changed the light bulbs, but the camera went yellow.

I replaced that camera with one that did not have the issue, and took the affected one to another location. Well, the one that replaced the “yellow” camera is now yellow, too.

Did there, perhaps, use to be a yellow-light (or is it blue light?) filter in previous firmware releases, and it is now gone? Or has it perhaps become a setting somewhere I have yet to locate?

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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Yellow hue appeared on my wyze camera just now, Firmware definitely caused this.

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Yeah I believe it’s a firmware issue as well…since it happened after an update. However I have a special edition clear wyzecam that doesn’t have a yellow hue yet…but I still have old firmware on it.

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Someone else has a post about this too so it must be pretty common. I would submit a support ticket so that they get enough of them that they understand that there’s a problem.

I did, actually, submit a ticket - 457957.

Here is an update: I flashed the firmware manually - went back to, then to the previous one ( The yellow did NOT disappear.

I observed yet another thing: on at least one occasion, the yellow suddenly made room for the “normal” colors, then slowly progressed into strong blue hue, then back to “neutral”, then back to yellow.

I just sent an update to the helpdesk - I am really curious what has changed. Since it affects all 20 of my cameras that are in two different houses, using two different internet providers, I doubt the issue is with the hardware or the ISP. It also does not appear to be the firmware - given my attempts. Moreover, it is not device- or Android-version-specific: I see it on all my devices, running Android 5, 7, 9, and 10.

I asked the helpdesk what has changed on their end. I am no guru, but I wonder if changes were made to Wyze’s infrastructure that could have changed the way the colors are rendered.

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Another update: not sure if the helpdesk read the detailed report of my findings. I clearly stated the issue affects all 20 of the cameras at two different houses. The helpdesk offered a replacement. I wrote back asking if they believe all 20 failed at once and whether I am being offered 20 new cameras.

Stay tuned…

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@cheaplikeafox - have you stayed with since? I will roll back one of my cameras to test if that version is free of the yellow…

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I observed this same behavior on one of my v2 cameras. It’s actually on v4.9.5.36. I had one camera turn yellow after an older firmware update as well but I can’t remember which one. I just remember they offered to replace it and then the new unit seemed better until after another firmware update which made it yellow again.

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