2 Wyze Cam Pan - different white balance

I have one Wyze Cam Pan that is not very sharp, so I ordered a replacement. The replacement is sharper, however, when placed at the same location at the same time, the white balance seems to be off - it’s warmer (yellowish) compared to the first one. Is there any way to adjust that? Thanks.

My wyze cam pan also had a very yellow hue… But then they updated the firmware, it made it a more accurate white color.
However, my wyze v2 became very yellow with the latest firmware so I’m going to revert back.

I think they are able to adjust the white balance with firmware updates but the user cannot make these adjustments.

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How do you revert back since the latest firmware it’s awful with the light on. Will app update help this

Don’t think the app update will do anything. Not sure if flashing the old fw will fix it either.