Can't use after update firmwave

my cam pan just update the firmware,now only yellow light.can’t connection anything,can’t flash the new firmware same die the camera .who can help me.

You can fix it. Carefully read and follow the directions to manual re-install the older version. These instructions are not tricky, but we users do have a tendency over think and not do exactly what they say.

You can recover it back to former firmware.

thanks but i have try some older version but diden’t work.
now i don’t know how to do .huhuhuhu :smiling_face_with_tear:

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It may be necessary for you to do a factory reset before flashing your firmware. Do the factory reset without any SD Card in the cam. When you do flash the firmware, download and try the most recent version first, then try older versions.

Always use a totally blank 32GB SD Card that has been formatted to FAT32 or still has the factory FAT32 format on it. Be very careful to insure you download the correct version for the cam. Be certain you are not renaming the file if it doesn’t need to be renamed. Do not add a file extension if it doesn’t need one. The file in the package is already named correctly.


Thanks heve try but can’t flashing firmware.haiz haiz haiz