Yellow hue with indoor lighting after the Jan 2020 firmware upgrade


Anyone else experiencing this? The only difference between the attached two screenshots is the firmware version. All the lighting, wall color, furniture, etc., is identical.

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I have 2 cams pointing in front of my house. Right after the last week update, I could see a lot of yellow on these 2 cams. On the pictures, you can see one of my V2 pointing on the driveway. Check the time between them. One before the update and one after.

OK, so it is not just me. I sent a request to support - I want to roll back to any of the 2019 firmware upgrades. I am fairly confident it IS the firmware: I had a spare camera that I plugged in yesterday - as soon as I upgraded the firmware, the picture went yellow.

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I have a total of 10 cams. The lights of my front porch are around 2700k. I have 2 cams pointing in the front. Before the update, you clearly see that the color was white. After, much more yellow. In my backyard, my light are around 5500k. No yellow on this cam after updating. I think they have done something in the white balance. On my 7 indoors cam, I don’t really see a difference in color. In the last update, samething. Yellowish color on my 2 front cams.

Edit: In reality, the color was more accurate before these 2 updates in a week. Too much yellow now on these 2 cams.

My thoughts exactly. I asked support whether they changed yellow/blue light filtering - they said they had not. So I replied with a question about the white balance settings - awaiting their response.

They asked me to move the cameras, to see if it fixes the issue - I refused. Location is not going to fix anything, plus there is a reason why the cameras are where they are.

Anyway, waiting to hear back. I want to downgrade the firmware. The indoor footage is beyond yellow - almost painful on the eyes.

One cam seems fine to me maybe a very slight yellow. The other is more noticeable. But neither as bad as the OP.

Did you try downgrading your firmware yet or hear anything back from support? I upgraded to the latest firmware on the wyze pan only so far and it was severely yellow as well after the update to v.

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Oh have I ever. After I submitted a detailed description of what I had found out and what I had decided to do (roll back the firmware to and revert the app to 2.4.82), along with a few additional comments and screenshots - I heard back “sorry you are having trouble - please send us the screenshots so we can diagnose”.

I called the support desk and asked to speak to a supervisor - to whom I voiced my disappointment: clearly, the ball was being passed from one support guru to another and no one bothered to read what had transpired. The supervisor asked me to send logs from the camera - I have yet to do that as that means taking one camera, upgrading the firmware, then upgrading the app, sending the logs, then reverting to the older versions.

Anyway, I disabled auto updates and am sticking to the above versions. One thing I did observe with the older firmware: when the indoor light is switched on and the camera goes from night-vision to day vision, the yellow hue shows up that very second and makes room for normal colors within perhaps a second or two. I will try to capture it and send to the help desk. To my non-technical mind, it looks like the latest firmware does not go beyond that yellow stage that lasts about a second in the older version(s).

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So when you reverted back, the yellow hue is gone? Do you have wyze pan cameras or v2s?

Sorry to hear about your experience!

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My apologies, I should have mentioned that: I have v2’s, and reverting to the above-mentioned firmware/app version got rid of the yellow and got me back to the functionality I count on.


That’s strange. I wonder why it affects some cameras but not others. Do you have LED bulbs?

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It affects all 20 cameras. Yes, there is LED lighting throughout both houses. With the latest firmware, the yellow transition that happens between night and day modes that i see with the older firmware does not go away.

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I noticed mine is more of a greenish color now actually… Not yellow.

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In futures firmware’s updates, if they fix this yellowish color, I will come to reply on this thread. For now, I will continue to live with that unatural color.

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Mine is very yellow since the last firmware update. It’s awful. How do I revert back to an older firmware. You can no longer do this from the app.

Hi @Whiteorchids,

I was directed to this guide:

I went all the way back to and have been using it since. That being said, I recently tested the latest update - the yellow hue seems to be gone. Just in case, though, I am not touching the cameras to which I currently do not have physical access (read: my “home away from home”).