WyzeCam Plus vs having an SD card

So with Cam plus the camera will record longer than the 12 seconds and no cool down… is that true also if you have an SD card installed? or is the only way to get a longer recording to purchase cam plus?

Hi, if you have SD card in the app you can set it to continuous or event recording. I have my SD on continuous since I like the loop recording and local storage. I use cam plus with my cam since I signed up with Wyze promotion during the holidays. I’m not sure if I would subscribe to Cam plus if it wasn’t for the promotion. The way this camera sense event recording, I get lots of false notifications :unamused:

Forgot to answer your 1st question. Yes cam plus works that way for cloud and SD. Without subscription and just SD, events will only record 12 sec and 5 min cool down.

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I don’t think that’s true? I can’t find the definitive description with a cursory search, but I think on SD there is no cooldown and events can be quite long, stored across 1 minute chunks. I can’t swear to it because Wyze SD cards never work for me.

I have my SD set to continuous recording so let me test tonight when I just do event trigger.

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Not correct information so not sure why you would say this about the SD cards only recording 12 seconds.

I think the better way to put it is, without subscription and just SD, alerts will only be 12 sec and 5 min cool down. But if you do what I do, playback the video at the time of the alert, then you can watch for longer than 12 seconds. I have mine set for continuous recording, so I don’t know what would happen if it were set for motion capture only.

It’s explained a few post above how it works with the SD card and it is not limited to 12 seconds or the cool down. It is recorded in 1 min increments as stated above. I don’t understand why people keep posting SD cards are limited to 12 sec when recording motion only when that is not the case.
The 12 second 5 minutes cool down is a free cloud service and has nothing to do with the sd card recording.

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Correct. If you set the SD card to record Events there is no cooldown period, for the SD card recordings.
The 12 second Cloud recorded events still have a 5 minute cooldown.


Bingo thanks angus. I just like to make sure it’s clear. Because when I came to this forum for this information there were so many stating false information it was a chore trying to find who knew what they were talking about. Lol.

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Ok I see my confusion because of that free cloud storage notification you see on wyze app even if your not subscribed to Cam Plus.

So your saying if using just SD card and setting it to event recording only it will show longer than 12 seconds without cool down. Is that viewing in playback and on PC only?

Is there a way to disable the free cloud storage function? I want to test this so I understand how it works.

Mine is set to continuous recording so I’m guarantee to have everything recorded. Wyze FAQ wasn’t very clear that is why people tend to ask same questions. Plus I notice certain functions don’t work as it should for everyone too.


PC only if you pull the card out and put it in a PC. And since I don’t do recording on motion, I can’t answer the first part.

As for disabling the free cloud storage. I think if you turn off notifications, it won’t be used. But continuous recording to the SD card is still there. You just wouldn’t know where to look for events.

No, playback from the Wyze app. In the camera Live view press the View Playback button.
Also, while viewing an Event clip you can press the Playback icon to go to that time on the SD card.

Within each camera’s settings, if you turn off both Motion and Sound you won’t get Event clips, so no Cloud recordings.
You could also set the Schedule to a very short time. ie: 12:00 - 12:01.

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Yes. Disable the detects motion and sound (and anything else if you have beta stuff) from the “event recording” settings menu. That disables anything going to the cloud.

Now, understand that cloud recording (free 12 sec/5 min cool down, camplus) and local storage (sd card recording) are completely seperate from each other. You can have one, both, or neither running at the same time. You can also add manual recording to that list as a third way, where in app you hit record video or take picture while in live or playback and it saves to your device. There are three ways to record, and each are Independant of each other, you can have one, two, three or none each at the same time.

There is an event recording for cloud recording, and a event recording for local storage, and they are different like stated above.

Local storage event recording.

cloud event recording.
12 second clips followed by a 5 min cool down, or camplus is a event video for the duration of the motion detection.

I guess another part of this is, SD card events don’t show in the Events tab.

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Yep! Only cloud events show in the event tab, and you only get app notifications from cloud events. Thanks for the reply!

Great info… much clearer to understand. Now I know how to disable cloud if needed. Thanks!

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To clean up these loose ends, notifications have little to do with whether events are recorded, and SD continuous recording OR SD motion recording will continue as usual when cloud settings are changed, as the gang all just explained, in particular Tony’s explanation of the independent recording settings.

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I should have looked at the app first. “Event Recording” is what I should have stated. I understood the rest.