Wyze cam v2 with SD card, event recording, Capture add on subscription

Okay these may be a dumb questions but perhaps not.

  1. If I have an SD card and the wyze v2 cam set for event recording from what I read there is no cool down period since I have the SD card being recorded. And would my videos be 1 minute or greater until motion stops with SD card?

I just yesterday signed up for free motion capture trial subscription.

  1. Am I getting anything extra with subscription assuming my camera isn’t stolen since I have the SD card and I’m doing event recording?

  2. I have not seen the title complete motion capture on a video playback. Is this because I have the SD card and it’s not really recording or saving to Cloud as well?
    … And… How view from cloud?

  3. And lastly (thanks) if camera was stolen how would I view the recording from the cloud assuming I have the $1.49 a month complete capture subscription?

Thank you very much for enlightening me ominous. Peter

With event recording to SD, your camera saves in one minute segments for which ever minute your motion event falls in. Let’s say your camera triggers from 03:34:15 to 03:34:30, then the camera will save to SD 03:34:00 to 03:34:59. If you trigger goes into the new minute, it’ll save 03:34:00 to 03:35:59. All accessed via playback in the app or by pulling the SD card and putting it in a computer.

If you camera is able to upload the clip to the cloud when a trigger event is seen, it will be accessed via the event tab in the app. Which is at the bottom of the home page. This is where the other cameras 12 second cloud clips are viewed as well, if you have other cameras. Even if you canera is powered down or reinstalled somewhere else, the event clip should still be visible in the app event tab, if it was able to upload successfully.

Check the event tab off the home screen at the bottom. SD card and cloud recordings are completely Independent of each other.

Cloud clips Will still be seen in the event tab, if the clips were able to be uploaded successfully.


What a fully complete answer that helped me. I really appreciate your time. Thanks so very much.

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