Question- Cloud Service vs. SD card


I have been following Wyze for some time, but have just recently purchased a number of products that I am both loving and also still figuring out how to use…

I do have one question. If people have SD cards in the cameras, what is the real reason someone would want to use Wyze new cloud service? In the event of an issue, you would have the ability to review the card for video evidence. Having the video in the cloud would certainly be easier, but I am curious if there are other reasons as well?

Also, I am in NO way complaining about Wyze offering the cloud service. I think they are entitled and I believe the pricing is fair, Mostly just curious…

Thanks in advance! p.s. Like everyone else, I am REALLY looking forward to the outdoor cameras :).

I would think the primary benefit to cloud storage over SD card would be in the event of theft or destruction of the camera, and the SD card.

Other than that I think it’s mostly for convenience.

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If it exists in the cloud, it can’t really disappear if the camera disappears. That’s one of the main reasons. The cloud service also removes some of the limitations with notifications, because of the lack of a cooldown period. (Notifications are tied to “events,” so if you’re in a cooldown period, you won’t get a notification, even though the video would exist on the SD card.)

But it doesn’t yet solve everything… I think they need to make the clip length and cooldown period customizable for CMC. If they do that, then I’ll gladly pay the monthly fee for it. I explained why that’s important here: Complete Motion Capture - User-Configurable Length and Cooldown

People might still choose an SD card because the cloud recording won’t give you truly continuous recording. Only when there’s motion. In most cases, that should be sufficient, but if your detection settings aren’t optimized well, you might theoretically miss something important.


perfectly explained. this is the major upside to the new service.

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You should have directed your reply to the OP you are preaching to the choir with me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry. I meant to reply to the topic in general, not necessarily you. Haha.


Thanks for the reply’s everyone. I know it was probably a simple question that i should have been able to figure out myself :slight_smile: Much appreciated!

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Is WYZE offering extended cloud storage yet? I’m reading through these posts and can’t find this as an offering.

It’s available in the beta app already. I think the official release is coming within the next week or so, because they just officially released the firmware update that supports this feature. I’d imagine that means the necessary app update isn’t far behind.