WyzeCam Plus vs having an SD card


If you are doing continuous recording as you say, then both. The local SD recording settings are separate, either motion only or continuous, and independent of the cloud event recording.

No, if both are active, both should work.

Did you mean if you DON’T use CamPlus? Then no, there is still default free cloud event recording if you have that enabled. You can disable it and use only SD too.

Beats me. Maybe for time zone or snapshot metadata, could be a lot of reasons.

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Thanks for answering all my questions so fast. Yes I meant to say Don’t…typo.

I figured i ask to double check but I assumed as you clarified for me.

Now I need to get my time lapse to be viewed from the wyze app.

For a $20 cam, so much to understand and troubleshoot :slight_smile:

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I believe Cam Plus saves for 30 days.

I wasn’t sure, so I just pulled up one of my cams that have had CamPlus for a while and it only let me go back 14 days still, unfortunately. So today (Sat 1/9/21 at 3pm MST) I could go as far as midnight of Sun 12/27/2020.

So apparently it isn’t 14 WHOLE days or it would’ve let me go back to Saturday 12/26/20 at 3 pm MST to make exactly 14 whole days, but instead it only allowed back to midnight of the day that is under 14 days. Interesting, never knew they did it that way. So depending on when you check your cloud events, you may actually only be able to check the last 13.01 days, not the last 14 full days of 24 hours, but the 13 full days before the current day, plus the fraction of the current day that’s already passed.

So it’s really 13 full days plus the fraction of the current day that’s already passed.


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Thanks all for verifying… I’m techie but not fan of certain things on the cloud. So if our videos aren’t accessible around 13th day, would you assumed its truly deleted from the cloud? I like that it does local recording to SD card but wish they had better methods of easy review playback of notified events.

Oh, yes, They actually discuss this in their AMA (Ask Me Anything) Webinar they did this last fall. They said it is absolutely impossible for anyone, including them to recover anything that passes that 14 day limit because it is in fact set up to be totally overwritten after 14 days. At best, it would take really expensive data forensics to recover anything. Someone would have to pull the exact correct harddrive from Amazon, run it through expensive and manual data forensics recovery, and even then it might not really be possible. So they said if you want anything that was recorded on the cloud, you really need to make sure to save it before the 14 days hit or it’s lost forever, and no amount of begging Wyze to find a way to recover it, even with a warrant and court order to them, can change that. Hurry and save what you want before then or it’s just gone.

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This was recently brought up:

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Great to know… thanks much for detail reply.

They need a good FAQ section on overall Wyze and each of their products. Forum is great but lots of searching.

Have you use other apps for Wyze cam such as Tiny Cam Pro or any other?

I have a NVR system I never got to install. I found about Wyze and wanted to test. For the price not bad so far but I know you get what you pay for.

I wish I can hook these Cam to my POE and save the recording to my NVR. The bad thing with these, I have to install outlets in my attic to put the V3 outside. I haven’t test the wifi range of wyze yet.

I bought a few of Wyze products to test. If their v4 has POE im going to be upset with buying 7 v3. I’m trying to figure out what is best route for home security setup.

Thanks for clarifying.
I don’t remember what or where I read something lately that made me think it was 30 days.
The beauty of getting older. Every day is a new adventure. Even if it’s identical to yesterday. :joy:


I have tinyCam Pro on an Android TV box running as a web server so I can view cameras in a web browser.
It also records events to a local NAS and to a Google drive.
I also have it running on a Fire Stick connected to s 27" monitor. It’s running Live View so I can see my yard / driveway / front and back doors while working from home.

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Cool so you have your Wyze cam connected to your setup?

I had RTSP the Wyze Pan cam to test and I have it stream on my Amazon Fire TV with VLC app. Not ideal but its ok for testing. I didn’t see Tiny Cam Pro on the Amazon app store. I like to learn more on your setup and configuration. If possible can provide details or link me to any site to help me?


I have 6 V2 and 2 Pan cams. I only have 4 connected to the tinyCam server.
Only one has RTSP.

Here is a good guide for setting up Wyze cams on tinyCam.

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Thanks, have you try Blue Iris with Wyze Cam? I am deciding on which software is best to test but don’t want to waste $$ if I end up just installing my NVR.

I haven’t used Blue Iris with Wyze cams. I used to with D-link cams.
To use Wyze cams with any software other than Wyze or tinyCam you will have to install RTSP firmware. RTSP isn’t available for the V3 yet.

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TinyCam works with regular WyzeCams with no firmware modifications. The author reverse engineered the protocol and you just use your Wyze credentials. (It can do RTSP too.) It is a terrific piece of software and the ONLY app I’ve ever bought. Some of my experience is mentioned at

Blue Iris and others do NOT work with stock Wyze and require the RTSP firmware.

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Thanks, good info… ty I will try free version of tiny cam.

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I basically got TinyCam Pro free: If you have Android you should try the Google “Opinion Rewards” app. It asks me like 2-5 questions every once in a while for payouts of $0.10-$1.00 each and an average of $30/year of Google Play credit for something that really only takes a few seconds. To buy a new app, it literally only costs me like 2 minutes of my time. Common questions are things like: If you wanted to ask Google Assistant for directions to a store, please type in what you would say. Then it pays me nearly $0.50 just to type in that answer. Or “Are you willing to rate the last answer given by your request to the Google Assistant?” Seriously, if it pays me like $0.10 for less than 20 seconds worth of time, that’s like $30 an hour, so not bad, spaced over a year. That’s like $2.50 a month (1-2 apps per month) for roughly 8 minutes of time per month.

Do this, and people can buy TinyCam Pro to not only stream all your Wyze cams for free to browsers, record locally, etc; but get lots of other apps that work with TCPro too such as some that will allow you to turn any old cell phone camera into another streaming camera on TinyCamPro. I’ve already bought over $75 worth of Google Play apps at no real expense to myself (well, a few minutes of time). That’s how it relates to Wyze…free way for anyone to get TinyCamPro if they want it, but don’t want to spend USD.

Of course, lots of people are paranoid about Google, so I get it. It’s just worth it to me and I enjoy some pretty awesome high-quality professional apps that all go into my family library and are shared with my wife and kids too (the rest of my family sometimes uses their credits to rent/buy movies/media, books, or other things too which are then available to the rest of us as well).

Cool, I have Amazon no rush credits… another way to get free stuff lol.

I installed Google Play Store on my Fire tablet only long enough to install the TinyCam Pro I had bought. Then removed it . So far, it hasn’t complained about not being able to phone back to the mothership.

By the way, TinyCam Pro all by itself can turn a cell phone into a webcam. That’s the trick I used in one of my recent posts in that thread. And I have more to say soon. TinyCam is kind of amazing.

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Yes my Amazon tablet is hacked too with Google play. Just tested TCP and installed easily on my phone. Will try on Amazon TV to see how good it looks. Ty

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