Wyze would sell more V3 cameras if they didn't need to have power recycled periodically

How many years would you say one could reasonably expect to stay with a router once you have it operating ‘invisibly’ (router? what router? oh yeah, that)?

Some folks (me) despise the adapt-adapt-adapt-a-dance. :slight_smile:

Also, I despise this coy b.s.:

If you have a router coming out, say so, not everyone enjoys fantasizing on your every future product.

All your fault, @bam, do better! :wink:

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I have not spent enough time on it to be confident.

Cameras are going to be part of the plan as far as I understand it. They’re just not part of the first iteration. Steve M just told us it should be coming:

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I want @spamoni4 to say something, he’s entirely too quiet lately. I mean he’s probably all gabby in the Maven Clubhouse, but out here with the proles he’s like :zipper_mouth_face:

Wassup with that? :wink:

He can take everything Carver just ‘said’ and squeeze it down into a tight (but relaxed) paragraph. Why does he deny us his talent??

And if @bryonhu wasn’t testing every damn thing under the sun six ways from sunday he’d probably chime in. But no. He must test. And so, miserly. :wink:

That goes for the rest o’ you libertarian mugs, too…

Speak out! :slight_smile:

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I responded to your other posts. Was actually on a little Vacation to Cape May NJ. and am now renovating my Garage where my Network will come into. Gutted the Garage and will have my painters come in and make is look good, then I will be putting in cabinets for my tools including a work bench for my Wyze testing and Car repair. Then I will do a new floor.

In the middle of all of this, I have been extremely busy at work with the end of FY coming. Then being part of the Wyze Discord and assisting in there as well.

Been Rather busy. Have you visited the Wyze Discord?


Well then I guess we’ll see. One thing is for sure - Thread has nothing to do with it. Thread uses ZigBee frequencies and handles the low power stuff. Anything video is going to have to go over Matter WiFi according to what I see.

Very little out there about cameras. This was updated this month:

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Blather withdrawn. Sounds like a good busy, anyway. :+1:

I despise other platforms. But I’ll defend ‘to the death’ others’ right to choose them.

Cheers, brother. May the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face, etc. :slight_smile:


My short response, bolded what I believe to be the biggest issue.

Nothing heavy duty for my IoT network. Do not have to constantly reboot devices since deploying this device in a 3 story large sq ft home plus outdoor living space, and I have Wyze devices in the triple digits.

All the network problems I had (which were pretty minimal, Robot vacuum loosing connection once a week and switches not wanting to connect) went away when I tossed the ISPs rented “junk” router and deployed this modest router

TP-Link WiFi 6 Router AX1800… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08H8ZLKKK?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

I do have 2 routers (one modem) in my home though… One is dedicated purely for IoT home automation and security (Wyze) and the other router (less modest) for all else… gaming, streaming, and work.


Now we’re talking. $59 “renewed”. Thanks.


I expect five to seven years out of a router nowadays. And that’s with considerable overlap in technologies. Once we get considerable AI technology and development I can see that window shrinking considerably as well. Kind of similar to how phones nowadays are a 2 to 4-year cycle for upgrades even if you’re lenient and don’t want to stay in the exact cutting edge.

I have seen the rumors on devices but sadly they’re just rumors thus far. I want to say somebody posted something a couple months back but I don’t remember what it was. I can’t remember if it was a YouTube link or what. I wish I could remember what they called it.

Even as a maven I can honestly say that if there’s a router DVR or anything similar in the works I still haven’t gotten my hands on it. And I think there’s something (not sure on credibility there) leaked maybe it was an FCC link about something with a different frequency months ago. I have a horrible memory so did a quick search and I can’t find anything. But that’s all I remember. I’m thinking back now it might have been one of the newer cameras with 5 gigahertz capabilities.

If somebody knows something I don’t I’m all ears! Of course in this day and age with the abilities of Photoshop I’m rather skeptical of things. Lol

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Thanks, @bam. I don’t like hearing it, but ok. :slight_smile:

An ‘obsolescence’ deep dive starts here and goes five or six posts:

A ‘router.’ :wink:

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So we have…

OP @tomac14 at wit’s end with a stand-alone $100+? willing to pay a PREMIUM for certainty

@tbagcam at $0 (+rental fee?) for an AT&T isp-supplied
@customer banging his head against the wall (less) at a future $59 refurb stand-alone :slight_smile:
@R.Good at ~$70 for a stand-alone, IoT-dedicated
@slabslayer at ~$45 for a stand-alone with extender ~$35
@Omgitstony at ~$125 for an access point (AP) tied to isp-router (+rental fee?)
image at $170 (on sale costco) for a 3-node mesh (using only 2)
@ssummerlin at ~$185 for a stand-alone IoT-dedicated
@spamoni4 and @carverofchoice at ~$400+ for multi-node mesh
@Bam at ~$500+ for a 3-node mesh

Did I miss anyone? This maven-level detail is exhausting. :yawning_face:


Well, you left out Tony - apparently not such Ubiquity after all. (Edit: slippery little amphibian added it.). And the frog telling everyone to get religion.


You could do worse. :slight_smile:

So, what…?

  • Many devices and configurations CAN work. But which is MOST LIKELY to?
  • Who would be in the best position to determine this? Wyze?
  • Throwing money at the problem may not be necessary.
  • Throwing bandwidth at the problem may not be necessary. Good upstream capacity may be key.
  • And is there really any better method than trial-and-error (with a 90-day return option) for the average customer?

FWIW, the S.O. suggests the topic title be changed to something like:

Can a New Router Keep My Stuff Connected?
Can a Better Router Make My Stuff Stay Connected?

…to better represent the topic as it’s evolved (and generate more traffic.)

She has a hard time keeping her opinions to herself. :roll_eyes:
Waddaya say, @tomac14 , has this exercise been of much use? :slight_smile:

Hmm first we’ve heard of a Mrs. Pee.

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I have found this to be so. And yes, size matters. :wink:

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Who would know small better than the Brits? :grin:

(He’s meaner than he looks, folks.)

I think the work I’ve done here is exemplary. Perhaps a little ‘Maven Wear’ is in order.


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Jester wear for sure.

Meant as a compliment.

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