Constantly having to power cycle

Im getting very frustrated with all my wyze items. I literally have 3 wyze mesh routers, it provides my entire home and garage with full bars no matter where i am on my property. The only thing we use the wyze wifi for is the cameras, door sensors, climate sensors etc. There is nothing using that entire network except the wyze equipment and yet every day when i open my cams, they wont load. I always have to restart them. Why would i pay a monthly fee to a company that cant fix a minor problem?? If i pay monthly would i still have these issues or are these issues purposely done to people who dont pay their monthly fee.

I used to have to power cycle my cameras a lot too. Drove me insane. Now I never have to. If you’re interested in things to consider/look into to help with that, you’re welcome to read about what I found was related to this issue until I got all my cameras to the point where I basically never have to power cycle them. That’s not to say that there isn’t anything Wyze can do about it, as I even quoted Wyze toward the end talking about things they admit they can continue to do with all of this, but having gone through this same experience myself, I can assure you it is possible to never have to powercycle Wyze cams and have them up and running basically 24/7. I have over 40 Wyze cams, Basically every model camera and multiples of most of them, including lots of V3 cameras that are all quite stable and reliable now. It’s a long read, but if you’re interested, here is link to the long list of things I looked into until I figured out what all the potential variables were:

I hope you can figure something out. As I said, I understand how frustrating it is to have to powercycle constantly. I’ve been there, done that.


If I’m understanding correctly you are using the wyze mesh routers for wyze equipment and a different router/system for the rest of your home devices? Is this correct?

It’s best to not use multiple routers like this because they will cause interference. The wyze routers are designed to support lots of devices and without interfering with each other.


Good point, plus there could be IP address conflicts if both routers are trying to manage DHCP separately. This could definitely cause some devices to go offline.