Wyze Wireless Battery Cam Pro not recording events anymore

I have two Battery Cam Pro’s as well as several other Wyzes cameras. I have Cam Plus assigned to all my cameras. A couple weeks ago The two Battery Cam Pros stopped recording and notifying me of events. I changed the battery, tried rebooting them, etc, They are still not working. I went into the app to remove Cam Plus and reassign to see if that will help. But it looks like Wyze took away the ability to assign or remove Cam Plus to cameras. It says an Update is coming soon. But I need help now. Frustrating…

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Have you tried doing a reset on the camera (little button in the battery compartment) and then re-setting it up from scratch?

I’ve had to do this on a number of cams including a battery cam pro lately. Not sure what is up with wyze.

It appears all the BCP’s have stopped recording events when set to use Smart Detections. This happened on May the 8th when they rolled out the new Monitoring Tab on the App. If you want events recorded and have notifications sent on those events, it will be necessary to set your cameras to record “All Events” Instead of Smart Detections… I would also suggest you submit a log to support on the issue.


I have the same problem and so does a buddy of mine. Setting them to record all motion events seems to have helped it , but not for one of his cameras. I wish Wyze would acknowledge this problem.

Yes - I did that along with a very long list of steps suggested by someone in support. First I went in a d turned each option on and off or off and on again. After that did not work, I stood beside the camera and did the full re-set as if it was new… The camera seems to do everything it used to, apart from recording events to the Wyze Web View Portal when I select “Smart Detection Events” Note - It does record to the web when on “All Events” but I have curtains and such that will continuously trigger the camera and that will burn through the battery in no time…

I don’t think the battery cam pro has any on camera smart detection, so I’m pretty sure it uploads all motion events to the servers and they do the smart tagging then toss the event if it is just motion if you don’t have all events selected. It is still a problem, but I don’t think it will affect you battery life until the get it fixed and you can revert the settings to smart only.

I sent both cameras to record all motion. This seems to be a temporary fix. But I hope Wyze recognizes this issue and updates the app and cameras soon.

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I’m having this same issue with my BCP. I changed to record “All Events” instead of Smart Detections and now it at least records events again. I submitted a log and support ticket.

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i am having this issue on 3 battery cam pro’s very disapointed in wyze right now

My BCP’s are working with Smart Detections once again ! Thanks !

Fixed my BCP sd card issues by switching to continuous recording w/smart ai events and it worked. After an hour or more switched back to events w/ smart ai events and it also worked except the sd card videos would not play, froze on loading video stream. Went to camera settings and clicked the camera restart button and frozen video loading is fixed and are now playing normally. Not sure which of these steps fixed the problem or how long it will last. I’ll post again if anything changes.

I do have a 2nd BCP that I have not tried to fix. I’ll try some shortened steps and see what results I get. Maybe starting with just a restart first before switching from events to continuous and then back. Stay tuned.

My 2nd BCP is recording and playing back smart detection events normally. I did notice that I had made the switch to continuous but switched back to events before testing. I did not perform any of the other steps I had with the first BCP and it’s working. No way to really know what fixed this.