Wyze Webview Beta Now Available! - 11/23/21

I can’t get any views on my cameras using Firefox. I can only get the live view to work using Google Chrome.

That explains why it worked fine for me-- I was using Chrome in the first place.
I had the same problem with Firefox with the Amazon Coundcam, many months ago. It was a while before Firefox fixed it. The two browsers seem to have different protocols for handling certain kinds of live video.
A couple of updates later Firefox started working on Cloudcam live views. One might think it would also work with Wyze, but perhaps the two aren’t configured the same.
I have 3 v2’s and a v3, and all 4 display with Chrome. They seem a little slow to load, but not bad.

The Events tab works fine (I have Cam+ Unlimited). The Live View does not on Firefox 94.0.2 64-Bit windows 10. It might work in Edge Chromium, but I thought FIrefox was on the list of supported browsers?
This is going to be really nice after the bugs are worked out!

Hi, can you tell me what Cam+ Unlimited is? Is that the same as Cam+ for $15 / year per camera or is that an unlimited subscription for multiple cameras? Thanks!

PS I looked and could not find any reference to Cam+ Unlimited

Cam+Unlimited is for “Unlimited Cameras” which I belive means 99

Thanks for the response. Is this a grandfathered service? There is no listing for “Unlimited” under the Wyze services, just Cam Plus at $15 / year for each device.

If I recall correctly it was a limited time deal - but I think they said it would be back - check with the “Wyze guys” =^)

That was a great deal, hopefully they will allow us to renew the 99 cameras for $99 again when it runs out.

When you sign into your account do and look at services, can you see it there? It came out in August

I broke down and signed in via the Edge browser in Windows 10 and tested Live View.
I used Microsoft Edge Version 96.0.1054.41 (Official build) (64-bit).
I had to disable the Ublock Origin extension so I could get logged in, but then it worked great!
This is going to be a significant addition to our Cam+ service!
Great job Wyze!!!
I just hope the Firefox compatibility is fixed soon.

Yes, that’s it, of course. Oh, but I see it requires UNLIMITED CamPlus, so maybe that’s a no for me right now.

I want this function but when I tried to get it I got

I am subscribed to CamPlus for 2 cameras. I went back to my account page and it says “Unlimited”. Is that really Unlimited or do you need an annual subscription for it to be “Unlimited”? The subscription system is really messed up.

You can get unlimited monthly or annualy

I don’t have unlimited cam plus and it works for me

So why am I getting the message see my picture above for both cameras? I am subscribed monthly for both cameras and my dashboard recognizes this. Don’t know where I am going wrong. After I see they messages above, the prompt wants me to subcribe to WYZE Unlimited, but I am already subscribed.

What kind of cameras are those that are giving you that message?


You don’t need Cam Plus Unlimited to use Web View. You need a compatible Wyze cam with any type of Cam Plus subscription applied. Your problem is your unsupported cam type:

If you click on “Learn More”, it lists the currently supported cam types:

At this time, Wyze has no plans to support any battery-powered cams.

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Thanks. This solves one of my problems (Outdoor cam) check.
The other camera is a plugged-in V3.

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If your v3 cam has Cam Plus properly applied, you’ll see the Cam Plus icon to the right of your cam’s name in Web View:


So, I am now viewing the v3 in my iPad and at the top where is says “Pet Cam”, at the far right it has the CamPlus symbol to the left of the setting “cog”, but all I get is a paywall asking me to sign up for a Camplus plan which I am already subscribed to directly with WYZE through the website.