Cam Plus Unlimited (Bulk option) - Discussion

On the Cam Plus Youtube video, Wyze announced they would be “testing” a Cam Plus “Unlimited” bulk option available to a limited test group.

I saw on several places on social media that they’re basically allowing anyone in the general public to sign up for it, but that they are limiting the window of time signing up for it would be available, and that will be how it is a “limited” test run. They said it will probably come back again later, but that it might cost more the next time they offer it (I don’t know how long it will be available for).

Since it was publicized everywhere else already and they weren’t giving special codes or customized personal links to limit the access, it seems we can freely discuss it since it is a fairly public thing (not an exclusive thing) anyway.

So they had 2 billing options for up to 99 Cam Plus licenses:

  • $9.99/mo
  • $99/yr

WOW! $99/yr = $8.25/mo equivalent. Basically, if you are ever going to want to use more than 6 Cam Plus licenses at a time, this is a steal of a deal!

The discounted price is in line with what some other companies are offering like Blink Plus and Ring Protect Plus, both $100 for a year for unlimited cams.

Here are my thoughts on why it’s a good deal for me (and some others):

While I have around 17 cams, I don’t often use more than 5-6 cams on cam plus at a time (don’t want to overload my router/bandwidth, not to mention Xfinity’s 1TB limits), but when I am away from home, I like having other cams with Cam Plus for the detection capabilities. This gives me freedom for all that.

Here is one major way it adds a lot of benefit to me without making much difference for Wyze:
I have usually kept cam plus reserved only for cams with high traffic/motion areas that need a lot of detection help, basically, the cameras that would use a lot of cloud storage and analyze things with the AI a lot. Those were the only cams worth paying the subscription price.

I have a lot of other cams in low-traffic areas, and so paying for Cam Plus, just wasn’t worth the cost for how little it would be used, despite how the detections would be nice to have. So I never got it for any of those. Now, I can add it to all the low-traffic cameras and get a lot of benefit from all the detections, the fast forward capability, etc. I would’ve never gotten a separate license for all these cams because most of them wouldn’t use it enough to be worthwhile. Now I get a ton of extra benefit on all those low-traffic cams, and because they’re low traffic, it doesn’t really cost Wyze that much extra either. Win-Win here.

I think Wyze figured out that most people only have a few high-traffic cams, so if they charge for the cost of 6-7 of them, then the rest of the other low-traffic cams won’t make a huge impact anyway, but they will provide us a ton of benefit.

I LOVE the idea. I signed up so fast! It even automatically applied the credit from the Black Friday Cam Plus Deal, so it actually only cost me about $80 for unlimited (99) Licenses (I only know because I went and looked at the invoice after everything was processed)! That’s AWESOME!

There is no point in me canceling my Black Friday Cam Plus Subscriptions because that promo said we aren’t allowed to get any prorated refunds upon cancelation, but I imagine if you have a normal active Cam Plus yearly, you could probably cancel for a prorated credit to be put toward the cost of this.

Anyone else jump in on this TEMPORARY deal? Thoughts?

EDIT: It’s now been a while since the initial offer for this. Wyze has indicated that sometimes they are allowing new people to sign up and sometimes new signups are disabled. They are presumably trying to spread out sign-ups to not be all at once (and give them time to analyze the impact and sustainability of it). They have periods where they actively promote it (or allow Support personnel to recommend it to people sometimes), and other times where they stop. It seems the best thing you can do if you want it is to simply check the links occasionally to see if it is currently available or not. Last I checked, the links were:

Sometimes you have to click the link, sign in first, then click the link again to get directed to the right spot. If it’s not showing up for you when you try, it is probably not currently available as they have apparently disabled sign-ups from time to time.

UPDATE: Cam Plus licenses may not [always] give a prorated refund through all (or any) methods when you do the upgrade, so it could be good to ask before assuming you’ll get a prorated refund by canceling whatever you currently have.


I signed up as well. I have 16 cameras deployed currently. The cost annually including the HMS annual subscription is much cheaper and a greater value with better tech and options than my previous home security and automation solution (Vivint). Where I was paying 79.00 a month for a fraction of the tech and features.


12 of my 16 V3’s are on cam plus I would definitely sign up for Cam Plus Unlimited then all 24 of my cams would be on Camplus.

Does one cancel all their current yearly camplus subscriptions before selecting this offer or afterwards?

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Safe method = order first, verify you’re all good, then cancel the old ones and get a prorated credit (either returned back to your credit card, or credited to your Wyze account to use next year or the next time you order a service).

Adventurous method: Cancel your current subscriptions first, you will get a prorated credit for them (unless they were some special that doesn’t qualify for prorated credit like the Black Friday Promotion last year that said we get no prorated cancelation credits), then when you order the new service, those service credits should apply toward the balance automatically like my service credits did when I ordered. -Granted I’m only a user and can’t make any guarantees, so do this of your own volition and informed consent of the risks…but I believe/think it should work out to do it this way. For anyone possibly reading this thread in the future…make sure the unlimited plan promotion is actually still active and available before attempting this! It would be terrible to cancel all your subscriptions then find out the promotion is expired and you can’t get it anymore after you already canceled everything. Please verify you can still get the promotion BEFORE you cancel anything. Otherwise I definitely would prefer this method if you know you are confident the promotion is currently active and you can get it.

Again, if you aren’t confident you can still get the promo, try to order the subscription first, verify you got it first, then cancel the other individual licenses after you know you got the promo successfully. You’ll still get a prorated credit. This is why I call it the safe method.

EDIT/UPDATE: For those reading this later, it seems Wyze indicated to Bryonhu that they will credit the prorated credits for the early cancelation of the individual subscriptions back to the credit card used within 5 days, so It seems like in general for people asking in the future, you might as well just do the safe method (order the new service first to make sure you have it…since it seems the credits are probably just going back to your card anyway, instead of your Wyze account to use for the new purchase…so since there’s not a huge benefit in canceling first, I would order first, then cancel the others once you’ve verified you’re good).

All 24 cameras are on CamPlus now, so where do I put the other 75 cameras I can order…LOL
Just kidding I think I have enough cameras now

On the Annual plan $99/yr. the 24 cameras cost less than 35 cents a month for each camera…WOW :grin:

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That’s a really good deal for you! I mean, if you already had at least 12 cams on cam plus, you were already paying $180/yr just for 12 cams!!! So getting all 24 cams for just $99 is a great example of what a good deal this is for you! WOW! Half the cost for more than twice as many cams! Congrats…that’s seriously awesome. Now you have an extra $80/yr to spend on new Wyze toys! :rofl:

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Hmm, guess I missed out. During the YouTube event, they said you needed to send them a email if interested, which I did. I have not received the promo email nor do I see the offer on their cam+ celebration page.

The big question on my mind is does Cam Plus Unlimited cover additional added cams (up to 99) within the year term or only however many you have at time of purchase? Example lets say I have 15 currently installed and purchase Cam Plus Unlimited. The 3 months later I purchase another 5 cams. Are they also covered under the remaining 9 months of Cam Plus Unlimited or only the cams that were active at time o Cam Plus Unlimited purchase?

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you get 99 licensees to use, so I don’t think it matters when you get them.

now I get to go nice ask support to see what the can do about my black Friday promo months left I had for 2 of my cameras.

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Same here. :frowning:

well damn, I did get the email yesterday afternoon, it was in my spam folder :roll_eyes:


I did not get anything, is there a link I can go to to sign up?


Let me know what they tell you. I had a bunch of those too. I just assume there is nothing anyone can do about them because that promo told us it wasn’t possible to cancel or get a refund for them because we basically got a free V3 with them…so I am assuming it’s being treated differently than normal subscriptions since that’s what we agreed to when we got it. But if canceling does actually do something, I’d love to know.

I wrote a note, tried to be super polite and not ask for a refund, just for a credit. So I am crossing my fingers, as well as hoping that a staff member drops in some guidance here, so we can not flood them with requests. My current thinking is that if it’s a credit , I have still paid for those months, and want to get them, might not be sound thinking but I still thinking it.

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sent u a PM

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I didn’t find one in my spam folder. :frowning:

I wonder what the size of the “limited test group” is and when this deal closes?


Thank you sir!

I signed up as well. Best investment. I paid for a year subscription which included 7 Camera’s. This was $105 per year. I left a few additional cameras off of CamPlus as I did not want to increase the cost at this time. I signed up for a year, received the credit to my CC for the balance of my previous subscription and they automatically applied the other credit I had on my account already. Now all of my cameras have CamPlus and I am paying less per year. Just means more money for Wyze Products. :rofl:

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