Get Cam Plus to enable continuous video recording

In the past two weeks, this has happened twice. I have 13 cameras. I subscribe to the 99 Cam Plus license. I get a message in the android app event list to “Get Cam Plus to enable continuous video recording”. Believe me, all my cameras are assigned a Cam Plus license. They have functioning SD Cards. They don’t have connectivity issues. The first time, I removed all licenses associated with my cameras. Rebooted my phone and reassigned the licenses all why praying to Wyze that I won’t be told to “unplug your camera and plug it back in after 1 minute”. Has anyone experienced this?


I also have Cam Plus unlimited, and used to have regular cam plus and I have always still received Cam Plus advertisements sometimes too. I think the cam plus ads are general and aren’t targetted. I think the ad doesn’t consider whether we already have it or not. This is great feedback to Wyze to consider making the ad more targetted though. It is pointless to tell us to get cam plus when we already have it. There could be privacy issues involved though. Wyze might be trying to respect collecting as little data as possible for their ad use, therefore it’s just sent to everyone equally, including us who already have unlimited. I just ignore the ads now as just being non-smart-ads, rather than as some kind of notice from Wyze indicating that they think I don’t already have Cam Plus when I do. I have lots of companies that do the same thing to me telling me to buy their product/service when I already clearly have it, and they know I have it. Meh, I just ignore them.

As a side note, just to clarify, Cam plus will only record continuously as long as there is motion present (within the set sensitivity threshold). There are no plans to have it record during periods there is no motion present as can be done on the SD cards with 24/7 continuous recording regardless of there being any motion.


OK, I will ask… How do I get the CamPlus Unlimited?

They usually run specials offering it from time to time. It costs $99 per year or $9.99/mo. It includes up to 99 cameras, but the link for it isn’t always working. Some people have reported trying the link and it saying it wasn’t available at the moment. But you can always try.

I, for one, welcome our new cam plus upgrade overlord to being unlimited… :slight_smile:
(old meme joke)


@carverofchoice, you are indeed the Grand Master of the Jedi High Council and I kneel to your wisdom!

The link WORKED! Just flipped all of my CamPlus subs from the individual annuals over to UNLIMITED and saved a BUNDLE! Plus, now I can go buy a couple cases of cams and not have to worry about the plus license.

First the Minions and now this! Please keep impressing me!


Aww…you’re making me blush

Glad I could help make your day!


Presumably your individual licenses were still active when you did this and quite possibly with different renewal dates.

What happened to them when you switched to UNLIMITED?

Did you get a refund on what was outstanding on your existing licenses, did you kiss it goodbye, or was the price of UNLIMITED somehow prorated?

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If purchased via the Wyze website, then yes you get a prorated refund on the various subscriptions. Otherwise, if via the Apple or Android stores the answer is no refund.

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My original licenses were still active. But, they were all on the same expiration subscription block, although the expiration dates only determine the refund.

One important note also is that they had ALL been previously purchased through the Wyze Services Website and NOT from within the app.

Subscriptions purchased via the In App Store are actually purchased from, processed by, and controlled by the two evil stepsisters Google and Apple. This will NOT work if yours is purchased thru the In App Store. They are extremely reluctant to issue a refund or cancel subscriptions.

  • I purchased the unlimited first from the website, I was charged for the full 12 months from the date of purchase.

  • I unassigned all cams from their old licenses within the app Account → Services tab.

  • I assigned all the cams to the new Unlimited licenses in Account → Services

  • I cancelled all my old subscriptions from the website. I was refunded all unused days left on each subscription up to the expiration date (pro rated).

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