Wyze Webview Beta Now Available! - 11/23/21

Just an FYI for outdoor cam users using PC’s- There is an app called “Your Phone” which allows you to connect your phone to your PC wirelessly. I use it primarily for receiving and sending texts via my desktop while I’m working but there is also a section for your phone apps. So while Wyze isn’t providing a way to view the outdoor cam via desktop, with the Your Phone app you can pull up the Wyze app and view individual cameras per usual with the app. It’s not ideal as you can only view one camera at a time but at least it’s possible.

Hey Yall… I’m soo glad you have a “web” option now…, but why is it still soo difficult to view 12:01 am from a day or two ago?

  • Why can’t I just put in the time frame???
  • I’m scrolling and unnecessarily requesting hundreds of times from server!
  • Not to mention, WHEN it breaks, I have to start ALLLLLL OVER!!!
  • The only thing that makes it easy is logitech infinite scroll! haha
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The camera designations of indoor and outdoor are a little misleading, causing some to be over-careful on where they are placed. My 3 V2’s are all outdoors, just sheltered from direct rain either by a roof overhang or a small “awning” shelter I’ve attached above them. All work with no problem. My V3 needed no shelter at all, though I protected the power adapter from rain.

Regarding Cam Plus, I wonder if the subscription records could be coordinated with the messages and emails. I purchased a full subscription at the same time I ordered a V3, yet I still get emails and in-ap messages that my 2 free weeks will expire. If I wasn’t paying attention, I could end up subscribing twice.

Ditto. Nothing but spinning circles all around on 4 cams. I can see recorded events, but no live streaming. Internet speeds 793Mb down/818Mb up.

Congratulations to all those loyal Wyze users, like myself, that have been here from the beginning BEGGING for this feature…only to be completely disappointed that this feature, which should have been available from the beginning, requires you sign up for their increasingly, behind the paywall, scheme.
Wyze used to be the “smart” way to buy smart cams… Now it feels like a huge bait and switch. I used to be one of Wyze’s biggest advertisers…but now, after this ‘premium’ move…I give up.

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It’s all still in beta, and could change before it’s general release. Features could and will change, access could be changed. So the webview of now, could be a different webview of later.

Here is some light reading for ya:


Follow up to what Omgitstony

Using Joe Public, Wyze Cam+ users in this instance, is the fastest way for applications to be written, tested and completed, far better solution to doing it behind closed doors with little or no end user interaction. Testers can also help to mould the final product, UI (User Interface) etc etc.

Usually the first time you see a new product is when it’s ‘finished’ and launches, at which point they often crash and burn as the developers (behind closed doors) have completely missed what the end user wanted.

The perceived downside to public testing is we all think the company has gone mad because something works, then it doesn’t, then it’s gone. Now it’s crashing, slow blah blah. Forgetting it is a TEST phase and will likely not look or perform anything like it does at present.

Then, in our case, Wyze has to scale up resources to cope with the ‘projected’ usage numbers. Then they can see what that looks like $$ cost wise. Keeping the numbers of testers to a known amount, Cam+ users, make’s the maths much easier all around.

Best we can do to speed up the process is to keep testing it ‘as is’ and reporting or responding to queries from Wyze as we come across things.

I’ve been on ‘the other side of the curtain’ and this is just my 2 cents worth - so don’t jump all over me

Only slightly relevant, but one of my favourite explanation images https://www.pmac-agpc.ca/project-management-tree-swing-story

Hope everyone is safe and well, as best can be in these times, and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays


Good post - I’m guilty of doing that.

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Thanks for the info. I will keep a watchful eye.

Doesn’t work. Every camera says I need cam plus. I have cam plus on 3 out of five cameras; a mix of v2 and v3 cams all with update firmware.

Why isn’t my Webview working? All three of my outside cameras are licensed with Cam Plus. I go to the link you provide; https://view.wyze.come/live, click on connecting all three cameras, and nothing happens.

I use Live stream - Wyze, whch redirects to WYZE. There must be so0me non-printable character in your link

Welcome to the forums!

What type of cameras are your outside cameras? Are they V2, V3 or the Wyze Cam Outdoor? What browser are you using to see the webview?

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Wyze Cam Outdoor. Chrome

The WCO is currently not supported on the webview. If you were to click the “learn more” button this would show up:

And it’s been conversed about higher up in this thread. Here is a Gwen comment about it.

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The link takes me to the sign in page. I sign in and it takes me to the Wyze Web View page. It shows the 3 cameras, but not a picture, just the words “Live stream is not supported on this camera.” The screens for each camera also show that they are hooked up to Cam Plus.

I then click on the 4 dots on the upper left side of the screen, click Got It, click Show all Cameras, click View Live Streams…nothing happens

Got it. Thanks

Things look like they are improving ‘behind the scenes’ as I can get all my live cameras, 5, to show live feed without issue and quite quickly

They were all, for the first tiem, showing the time increment correctly on each camera but that has now sropped to just one, but still progress

Glad to hear things are going well for you. I found out that my problem is because the battery powered outdoor cameras aren’t included in the Web View program (yet?)

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Doesn’t look like it’s very high on the list, but not off the list? Gonna have to keep an eye on the thread here for updates on the beta process. Are you able to get and use V3s? Or is the battery power a dealbreaker?

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