Wyze Webview Beta Now Available! - 11/23/21

Man am I late to this party… I had no idea this was available. Thanks to @WyzeShawn for the link. One of the features I’d like to see is the ability to query this URL for the thumbnail behind the events triggered. This would be super useful for a Home Assistant camera dashboard.

Something I’ve noticed that’s really beginning to bug me: When browsing events, the thumbnails are all heavily dimmed until I mouse over them. They are so dim as to often be useless. See this example…

The thumbnails below and above the “lit” one both have a person detected, but you can barely see where.

Wyze, I suggest that you simply eliminate this “dimming” feature, it may have seemed like a good idea but it hinders usability. This should be an easy but very helpful change.

Can’t get all the cameras to view at once. Must be a Wyze issue because TinyCam Pro is showing all the cameras.

What are the type or model of the cameras that don’t show up?

This is also unnecessary:
Screenshot 2021-12-14 11.09.27 AM
Who doesn’t use an ad blocker ???

It varies: v2, v3, pan, doorbell, floodlight v3:

But I have never been able to get the pan or doorbell to work even if I only select them:

And I know they are functioning because I can see them with TinyCam Pro:

The pan should work, Is it a pan V1 or a pan V2? it does have camplus on it right? What firmware version do you have on it?

The doorbell is not currently supported in the beta webview.

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Yes it has Cam Plus and is up to date. First generation.

I’m sorry, but this is not a very valid excuse because you have the option to power the outdoor cameras with solar and I believe you have another product here: Wyze Outdoor Power Adapter

While I’m happy that you have the option for webview on INDOOR setups, the SECURITY option of having OUTDOOR is very dismaying. I would think the option for OUTDOOR is more important, wouldn’t you think?

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You can live stream an outdoor V3 full time no problem, but the battery-powered Outdoor cameras are really meant to sleep until something approaches them.

Solar panel power would keep the Outdoor camera’s waterproof seal intact, but is not enough power to live stream. The outdoor power adapter would eliminate the waterproof seal on the camera, and thus is not recommended.

The best option might be to rotate a powered V3 to that position, and rotate the Outdoor camera to a position you don’t need to live stream but still want covered.

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Which one ar eyou using?

I use pihole and don’t have any issues with kaptcha whereas my Dad, same pihole setup as mine, does. We both have Norton 360 aswell but his is set to use Norton Safe Search and mine is not. He also get the kaptcha image prompt where you select all the squares with bikes etc - I never get that either

I suspect for my Dad the issue relates to N360 but nothing concrete as yet

I am on Chrome OS using uBlock Origin extension. I do not understand the need for a kaptcha when you are logging into an account that is already established. If someone can explain the need I am eager to learn.

Webview is totally janky for me. I have yet to get more than two cams live at once. Sometimes I will click on a camera view and it will start, but then show a dark window. Not very good so far.

Welcome to the forums! Can you provide more context to your statement? What cameras are working? What cameras arnt working? What browser are you using? What cameras have camplus on them and which ones don’t? What’s your use case? Some of your issues may have been documented by other users, and some may be new. So more information will help the community at large and the devs/engineers understand your experience that see this thread.

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Just an FYI for outdoor cam users using PC’s- There is an app called “Your Phone” which allows you to connect your phone to your PC wirelessly. I use it primarily for receiving and sending texts via my desktop while I’m working but there is also a section for your phone apps. So while Wyze isn’t providing a way to view the outdoor cam via desktop, with the Your Phone app you can pull up the Wyze app and view individual cameras per usual with the app. It’s not ideal as you can only view one camera at a time but at least it’s possible.

Hey Yall… I’m soo glad you have a “web” option now…, but why is it still soo difficult to view 12:01 am from a day or two ago?

  • Why can’t I just put in the time frame???
  • I’m scrolling and unnecessarily requesting hundreds of times from server!
  • Not to mention, WHEN it breaks, I have to start ALLLLLL OVER!!!
  • The only thing that makes it easy is logitech infinite scroll! haha
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The camera designations of indoor and outdoor are a little misleading, causing some to be over-careful on where they are placed. My 3 V2’s are all outdoors, just sheltered from direct rain either by a roof overhang or a small “awning” shelter I’ve attached above them. All work with no problem. My V3 needed no shelter at all, though I protected the power adapter from rain.

Regarding Cam Plus, I wonder if the subscription records could be coordinated with the messages and emails. I purchased a full subscription at the same time I ordered a V3, yet I still get emails and in-ap messages that my 2 free weeks will expire. If I wasn’t paying attention, I could end up subscribing twice.

Ditto. Nothing but spinning circles all around on 4 cams. I can see recorded events, but no live streaming. Internet speeds 793Mb down/818Mb up.

Congratulations to all those loyal Wyze users, like myself, that have been here from the beginning BEGGING for this feature…only to be completely disappointed that this feature, which should have been available from the beginning, requires you sign up for their increasingly, behind the paywall, scheme.
Wyze used to be the “smart” way to buy smart cams… Now it feels like a huge bait and switch. I used to be one of Wyze’s biggest advertisers…but now, after this ‘premium’ move…I give up.

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It’s all still in beta, and could change before it’s general release. Features could and will change, access could be changed. So the webview of now, could be a different webview of later.

Here is some light reading for ya: