Wyze weather app shows Seattle tho in Colorado

I just got a wyze band yesterday, upgraded to the latest firmware, etc. The weather app shows “Seattle” all the time (I’m in Colorado). When I tap on that I do get the local weather information. I had set it up to use location information & local weather.

Sounds like a bug - known fix?


Welcome to the community! I reported it since it was brought up in this post. You should report it through the app as well.

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There appears to be a new bug on the band weather. It shows Seattle not my city. In the forecast it shows my city and on the phone too. Just the band display show Seattle. The temperature is for my city. Looks like the city was hard coded.

Update. The band battery died and had to charge the band. The weather now correctly shows my local city and not Seattle.


Good catch… Did you report the issue? I will too as well.

This still happens to mine, weather on the band shows Seattle.

Reported the issue. Noticed that others were seeing the same issue. Funny thing they were in Colorado too.

I had the same issue. Went into settings and did a Reboot, and the face city was fixed.

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I rebooted after a full charge, and it still showed Seattle, so I bit the bullet and did a full reset, sacrificing my data. Still says Seattle.

I rebooted my band and it seemed to fix the city issue for me too.

I’m in New York and it’s showing Seattle…

I noticed this when I first got my band a few days ago. Rebooted and it reverted back to the right location. I just noticed it again this morning after changing the order of the band’s tiles in the app and saving, the band showed Seattle until rebooting. I was able to replicate this several times. I’ve reported the issue from within the app.

Now if they could just use a more reliable weather service to report the weather I’d be all set :slight_smile:

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+1 I’m in Roswell, Georgia and it shows Seattle, Washington

Same here: Band shows Seattle (swiping into details shows my current city, though)

Well, dang. Thanks for letting me know, everyone! Could you please confirm your Wyze app and Wyze Band firmware versions for me? Please also send in a log through Account > Help & Feedback when you have a moment if this is still a problem for you.

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Hi there. This is Arthur from Wyze.
There is a known bug with accessing the correct location from phone, and the fix is on track for 2.12 release in early July. It is currently in Alpha testing now.
Please help double check on this once it became available to you. Thank you.


Rebooted yesterday & charged the band (10+ days!) - the weather location is now correct.
App ver 2.11.40
Band ver

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Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Mine is the same as @spacepirates on Android. Although my weather shows the right city after I rebooted the band.


Now that I see your comment, I had changed the order of the tiles the day before I noticed that the weather was showing up with Seattle. That could be the change that makes the bug (the wrong city being displayed) show up.

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Did the same thing, Reorder the tiles and weather showing up Seattle. But detail is correct city. band
2.11.40 WYZE ware