Watch weather functionality improvements

Weather functionality is very inaccurate, sometimes showing sunny even at night, temperature is almost never correct and in fact usually way off (even as much as 30 deg F). Would hope it would be able to get weather info from and match the phone.

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Mine does the same thing (44). It currently says it’s 47°, sunny, with a high of 79°. Yet it’s really 36° and raining and a high of 47° today according to local news weather. I think it has my location wrong tbh. It was also showing it was sunny last night at 1130pm.

The weather on my Watch 47 isn’t even for the same Region most days though he header shows it is my Hometown. Simply can’t begin to rely on it, just like half my cameras. Sorry

Would also be nice to be able to see a full day’s forecast (such as an hourly look or at least a morning/noon/night forecast). If I’m looking at my watch for the weather, it’s not because I’m concerned about the 7 Day forecast.

On my Watch 47 the weather app shows the correct location but somehow the temp that it shows is never right. Usually as much as 10 degrees low. I’m wondering how often the app updates? Seems like maybe it only updates once every hour or two so is always way behind the current temp.

I’ve had my Wyze watch 44 for a couple weeks now. Overall it is ok but there are some strange bugs,.

  1. the weather forecast bears no resemblance to the actual weather - just like the Wyze band. This REALLY needs to be fixed.
  2. why can’t the weather be seen from the scrolling screen. You really have to go looking for it, then see above.
  3. This might be my fat fingers but the double tap “on” feature rarely works. Also the swipe and/or arm movement methods are not reliable.

I love the Wyze company but they have had a year or so to fix the weather screen on the band. I wonder if this thing will ever work as intended.

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My Watch44 also shows different weather then it really is. I live in the Nev desert. And having seen rain in months. Watch said rain for days, but now says temp is 0

I still do not see updates unless I sync the watch. If I’m going to open the app and synch the watch, I might as well just check the weather with my phone. Can we get some kind of background sync going on? This would be great for heart rate and steps, as well.


Same here…please auto sync

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I was joking with a friend about it today and he asked what my watch currently thought the temperature was. My watch said 46 deg F. This was at 4 pm, when the temp was in the 70’s.

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I just check my phone and it said it was 77 when it’s really 67. Reboot it the watch which is really fast and then went into the app and refreshed and now shows the correct temperature. Kind of crazy why you can’t have this sink all data every hour but then again it would cause the battery life to diminish.

Keeping this thread alive. Watch says it is 29° and it is actually 39°. Why have this feature if it is not going to work?

I’d love it if we could get access to hack on the firmware or build our own apps.

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Absolutely agree 100%. Pointless app if it’s necessary to manually update in your phone. Automatic weather synching is very necessary!!