Watch 47 weather not keeping sync

I have noticed that unless I open the Wyze App and open the watch there, will the weather sync. Otherwise it often is not updating the correct Weather and/or Location.

Now. I am still running a dinosaur of a phone, Samsung Galaxy S5.

Anybody seeing this?

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what’s weird for me is I noticed this was working just fine as I move from City to City throughout the day it would update on its own as I run the app in the background however I just noticed today that it was not doing that and then I had to do what you did so I don’t know if there was an app update last night…

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Same here. I have to open the app and watch for my watch to update the weather.

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Same on my WYZE 47mm watch using android. Unless I open the WYZE app on phone and sync and all that the weather on phone will not update.


I have the same problem, the temp is always behind by a few hours and it always says it’s cloudy. I know many people don’t like New Jersey but come on, it’s not cloudy everyday! Any fix coming on this?

Same here. The temp only updates when I sync the watch. Hopefully this gets fixed in the next FW release. Its basically useless the way it is.

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Same here, notifications continue and everything seems to work fine… Except weather. Drops out a few hours after the last manual app open/sync

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Same here on my Wyze Watch 44. Makes the weather function useless if I have to open the app and manually sync (I might just as well launch my Weather Bug app, which I can do with one button push on my Galaxy S10+). My phone shows that Wyze IS running in the background. Bluetooth IS on, and the Wyze Watch HAS been given full access to everything. It’s really the only issue I’ve had with this watch, and it’s the only thing I don’t like.

I put the Watch in the draw until the software matures…Not being a Beta tester for Wyze. Good Luck

One of the reasons I am not wearing my the watch. The other is the lousy watch faces.
Get the weather update fixed, please.

I’m having the same issue. Now that it’s January of 2023, I would think that this problem would have been addressed by now?!

The only thing this Company does…Bring out more Crap products. Happy New Year!!!

Does anyone from Wyze read these comments/suggestions/complaints? Other than the hoaky weather app, I’m very happy with my watch. But you’d think this wouldn’t be too difficult to fix since it’s synced to your phone anyway!

It appears once they came out with the c model Wyze abandoned any updating of the Original 4x series. The did not have a lot of FW updates and never provided any “Wall Paper updates” but I guess you get what you pay for.

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