Current outside temp wrong

Current temperature on my watch requires me to sync app and watch to get the current temp. Basically, making this watch function useless. Or, am I missing something?

I think that’s the way it’s supposed to work. The app on your device is like a base station, that gets the temp.

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The watch gets all weather and location data from the Wyze app. If it was to get the data on it’s own, it would need to be WiFi or cellular enabled. My watch will (usually) automatically sync if my Bluetooth is turned on and my Wyze app is running in the background. Have you tried that yet?

My Bluetooth is always on and my WYZE app is always running in the background. My cell phone and my watch are almost always within at least 25 feet of each other. Yet, the temperature is always several hours behind. If I want the current temperature, at least within an hour or so, I have to force a watch/app sync. I would like it to sync automatically at least once an hour.

Thanks for your feedback.