Does Weather App actually Function anymore on Watch47?

Or do I need some off the wall Wyze Weather app now to go with the
Watch47 because every weather app I’ve tried on my phone will Not
Sync with the watch and it continues to show blank weather 3 months

We have 2 watches and our weather works just fine,1 has the auto turn off and we put the city name in manual, the other is on auto mode

Hi, thanks for answering about wyze watch weather app. By change do you pair yours with an Android phone and is it a model 47 watch?

Yes we have the 47 and 47c the new model and work fine,what city are you trying 2 use?

Thank you kae4560,
I use my 0riginal wyze Watch47 I’ve had since pre order started and use it in Englewood Florida. The weather was always off by ten degrees or even forecast days off, but at least the weather functioned til months ago, I hadn’t paid attention and suddenly it was gone.
It can no longer report for ANY WEATHER APP I install in my phone.
I do have a Android phone, but that shouldn’t matter as it worked before! ?
I even got a trouble code from Wyze Support, but when I try to contact them with it, I get that IDIOTIC COMPUTER ANSWERING THING THAT REFUSES TO HELP OR TO CONNECT TO A TECH SUPPORT STAFF TO PASS ON THE TROUBLE CODE !!


The weather on the watch has nothing to do with the weather apps stored on your phone, I have mine saved Manuel ly and not on auto mode I just put in Englewood and it’s not on the list,that’s why your not getting anything either try another name or have it set to auto

Thanks but I have never seen any way to Manually Set Up weather or anything else on the watch without a dependant device to do the setup. ie: cellphone
I can only Manually change preset watch faces that I made On My Phone first, check O2 sat, pulse, etc. but setting up is all done on the overseeing device? Right?

I received this from Wyze Tech Support:

Your log ID number is…### **356317.**Do you have any idea how I report it because their link led me to a brick wall with their answering circle computer?

Its in the app on font at the bottom and says weather

Thanks but all mine will ever show in Weather now is N/A for location (unable to ever set one manually,though originally it sensed it automatically), and very large N/A center screen, and nothing else.
In small font on botttom screen it shows: Weather information is not available
And this is all my Wyze Watch47 that I Pre-purchased when they where introduced.
Guess it’s like everything else I’ve gotten from
Wyze, They work for AWHILE !

But thank you anyway.

Well kae4560:
After much help and encouragement from you I just decided to say the Heck with it and Factory Reset my Wyze Watch and Rebooted my Android Phone after finding the kinda ‘hidden’ notes on Watch47 versions and apparently was able to get a newer version from Google Play (I have NO IDEA WHY WYZE CANT UPDATE THIS THEMSELVES ON THE APPS??) But It did and the App on the phone has a Whole New Interface now and I HAVE LOCAL WEATHER NOW! I was able to enter my own town even!
Thank you for keeping me tryin’ :sweat_smile::grin:

I put your city in same thing,try another place close to your location. The city you put must not have a weather reporting station anymore


I have no idea why my response never went through last night but, EUREKA! I did it !
I ended up Factory Resetting my Watch47 and doing a reboot of my phone again WITH MY I APPLE IPAD turned off. I have a funny feeling that at some point the software May have paired with BOTH? devices and it may have screwed up the internal software and Wyze doesn’t know or won’t admit it. I had also located in verrrry fine print after the phone app came up there may have been an update, but the only way to get it was through Google Play? Why not through Wyze updates? BACKWARDS! and irresponsible if you ask me.
Anyway, after all this and startup, I had a Whole Entirely New Interface on my Wyze Watch47. And yes, I was able to manually select my hometown for AccuWeather And It Works !! There were even apps it hadn’t come with before!

I thank you so much for hanging in with me through this.
Have a Wonderful Holiday Season please : )

t gero