Weather app - cities not mapping properly

So having used my wyze watch for a few days now. Great job by the way Wyze!

So weather as I see from other posts doesn’t seem to work properly depending on location. For example I live in Markham, Canada. Weather is showing me values for a city in the US. If I change to Toronto it’s correct. Suspect it’s not pulling the right data from whatever database it links too.

So I’ve turned off automatic location setting and leaving to the major city nearby which is mostly correct.

I would guess that the backend links to an open source data site for weather and it’s confused on city names that duplicate in the database.

I have the same issue, but when I turn off automatic location & set the town, but it still continues to change cities the next time I leave-then-return.

They probably need more cities in their database - it just lists the town namebut not the state, and manually looking for the right one doesn’t show on the list. I manually put in a different nearby town that is listed by city & state.