Wyze Band weather inaccurate

In one of the last updates the wyze app seems to have stopped updating from whatever weather service it uses. It also doesn’t update location. I traveled from Seattle to San Diego and it took a few days before the band stopped reporting Seattle weather. The temperature it reports is usually wrong also. If you reboot the app and force it to actually check it will be correct for a while. This is on iOS. It did work correctly before.

I think where you lost people here is where you said it worked correctly before, lol.

I suspect that is dependent on where you live. I did find telling it to look for my city made it more accurate than looking for my location, but even with the new settings it says tomorrow will be 51-75F, when Accuweather says 58-81F. And that’s not the worst it has deviated, by far. We just went thru a many week drought, where it said every single day it was going to rain tomorrow, lol. I think it thinks I don’t live where I do.

If you have a problem with the accuracy of the weather feature, please share. Maybe we can get someone to look into it.