Wyze Watch auto location not working

I have a Wyze watch 47. I notice the automatic location is not working.
I saw that the weather displayed on screen on the watch is for another location. The phone itself correctly displays the correct location weather, but the Wyze app does not.
I can turn off auto location in the Wyze app and select the location manually, and that works on the watch display, but if I then turn on auto location in the app it goes back to my previous location. The watch does too. So it’s the auto location that is not working.

The only reason I can see for this is that I did use an app “Fake GPS Location Professional,” which correctly spoofed my location when I told it to. But I have turned it off and though it is still installed it is no longer causing my phone GPS to report the selected location, which is close to the incorrect location the Wyze App is using. I had to do this to verify my location for Youtube TV. But just briefly.

As I said I am not using that app and have it disabled, and that works, google maps, etc all works with the GPS. The only thing I have found that does not update it’s location is the Wyze App.

I think the Wyze app is getting location from the wrong variable and is still using the no longer spoofed location. Which nothing else in the phone is using. This would be a bug.

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You could just factory reset it I suppose.

Also, your subject line is an E-mail address and this is a public web site.

Yeah, I saw the email address. I can’t see a way to take that out.

I would also clear cache, under Account and App Settings.