Wyze Video Doorbell - Fence Gate Install

To start. I replaced my Wyze Video Doorbells, with the Video Doorbell Pros. So I had 2 Wyze Video Doorbells sitting in a box.

For a bit of a backstory, @carverofchoice was talking about when he was a kid they used to play around the neighborhood and go to each others backyards and wished there was an easier way to alert a family they were at the fence door… We talked about how maybe a VDBP with a solar panel would be a cool idea if you got past the water proofing. Not wanting to buy a 4th and 5th VDBP. I thought of an inexpensive way I could put the 2 unused VDBs to use.

Well here it is. Using a Flash sale 20 dollar 30000mAh Solar Power Bank and a 10 dollar Waterproof Box.

Just opened a small hole for the USB cable

Cut some rubber tubbing to seal around the hole and where the micro USB connects to the VDB

Mounting everything up on the Doorbell side and backside where the pressure of the box should keep the moisture out with the rubber tubing as well.

If need be I can easily open the box and bring the power bank in for a charge

I have the VDB set to not record events, or send any notifications, set the video to 480, turned off night vision, did not add the chime and set the LED to off to preserve the battery. When I tested the battery life in the house it only got about 4 days. But also there was no sun getting to the solar panel.

I honestly have no idea how well this will last in the weather but it should fair well. This was a quick fun little project to re-use something I wasn’t using.


How is this holding up? What’s the battery life like?

LOL, I thought I updated here but I must have talked about it on Discord. Thanks for asking @KyGuy2002

The battery packs didn’t hold up very well. I only got 3 days out of it (30000mAh) and I found that those packs do not charge and supply power at the same time… Booo

But it was a flash sales and I got them fairly cheap, they will be used.
Now looking for a battery pack that can charge while pulling power that will work with some 5V solar panels that I have

Suggestions welcome.

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Awe that sucks that it didn’t work, hopefully you can find an alternative!

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It worked, just for less time than expected :wink:

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