Can anybody help me installing my wyze video door bell

Can anybody please explain to the dumb ass on a fingers how do i connect my front video door bell??
This is how my box was connected (bolt bottom right unacrewed)

Tried connecting 2 blues with 2 whites with a fuse ,

tried connecting a fuse to two blues and attaching fuse to slot 3. Still cant get it to work.

Can anybody help a dumb?

Welcome to the user-to-user community, @haxprox89!

I am no expert on doorbells, but since no one else has responded, let me start a conversation. :slight_smile:

You have what looks like an “8 VAC” label, plus 4 presumable 1.5V batteries probably adding up to 6VDC.

So question is, can you measure an potential between any of the wires? You would need a voltmeter to do that.

The Wyze doorbells run off 16-24 VAC, but you can cheat and eliminate the weather resistant rating by using 5 VDC thru the USB port.

So what model of doorbell are you replacing?

Hello Newshoud , thank you for the response. I will try to get a voltmeter when ever is possible and try to check the voltage of the wires. I tried randomly combining the wires with the fuse around the numbers 3-2 with no success having both blues attached to the fuse. Tried w+b with fuse , and another set of w+b with the fuse.
I am trying to istall Wyze video door bell

What model of doorbell are you replacing? Curious if we can look it up online to see how it was wired and what it’s requirements were.