Wyze doorbell wiring issues

Wiring a new Wie doorbel I’m finding thst the doorbell doesn’t turn on even if I have the right voltage going in. I have bypassed the mechanical chime and I believe I have the right connection. Any suggestions?

Have you checked the voltage at the doorbell? What are the specs of your transformer? Those are the first things to check.

17.3 v at the doorbel. Both chime bypasses fused on. Plug into usb works fine

I am not an electrician, but if I had to guess I’d say the issue is the transformer. If it is easy to access, I would try running a pair of short wires off it directly and see if the doorbell powers up. That should take everything else out of the equation. Otherwise a call to Support may be in order.

I replaced the original 40 year old transformer in my house on general principle. It is now powering 2 Wyze doorbells with no issues.