Two Doorbells: Legacy and Pro

Hello I have two Wyze Doorbells on 16vac. Had the legacy on my front door for awhile now I have the Pro and wanted to hard wire it. I have a 3 door chime: Legacy has fuse wire bypassing the Front screw and going direct to trans / Pro has the Rear wire connected to screw with the white wire provided bridging to Trans. I get no charge on battery and it is just depleting slowly? I flipped the wires at door to assure I didn’t cross it and still nothing charging. Pro cam works great but just running on batt. Both doorbells are still working fine. Hoping someone on this fine thread could assist me with this issue. I tried to find something similar before posting.


Ok so while I panicked watching the batteries icon discharge and drain and i had no solution yet the icon changed now to this? dang Wyze you need to program something telling customers they wired it correctly.