Door bell Camera and House hardwired doorbell

Question, I just set up my new doorbell/camera and all went well. I am pleased with the camera and chime that came with the doorbell/camera, BUT… my doorbell no longer works. Yes, the chime works, but my hardwired doorbell no longer works.

Is this normal or did I do something wrong. It is a simple 2 wire doorbell and worked just fine this morning. If I disconnect the two wires and touch them together, it still works. Is the Wyze unit not compatible with the old fashioned doorbell? If it is, that is a deal breaker… :thinking: :slightly_frowning_face:

Hello @Leatherneck and welcome to the community

The Wyze Video Doorbell will only work with the chime that comes with it. The existing hard wired chime in the house will not work as it must be bypassed so the doorbell has constant power.

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Can you explain this more? Examples being the status light is flashing a color, or not illuminated at all, or you see an error message, etc. Need as specific info as possible as what you are experiencing because we aren’t there seeing what you are seeing. More info will help the Community here provide focused assistance. So you know where your transformer is? What are it’s power ratings? Did you install the fuse at the legacy chime? Photos and screen shots will help wonders. Thanks in advance!

I thought the fuse was only used for a 3 wire system. I only have two wires and did not install the fuse. My transformer is in the attic and puts out a constant 20V AC. There is nothing to take a picture of other than the connection of the two wires on the back of the camera. There is no problem with the camera and the chime works, but my existing chime does not work anymore. I know that it works just fine if I touch the two wires together.

That is a deal breaker for sure. I know that the Ring Camera works the way I want it to, since I saw it at my neighbor’s house. I guess I’ll just have to return the item. That’s too bad, because I like the camera except for this problem.

Gotcha, when you said “my doorbell no longer works.” i read that as your Wyze doorbell no longer works, not your existing or legacy chime. But yes, the installation of the Wyze Doorbell does bypass the existing or legacy chime and the new Wyze Doorbell solely uses the new plug in Wyze chime speaker. Some other company’s video doorbells use the existing chime, but this one does not. The bypass allows the Wyze Doorbell to get constant power.

The wyze doorbell uses the 20v from the old door bell. You use the merrets to give the button a constant 20v, then you replace the button with the cam. This essentially removes both the old button and the old chimes. If you want to keep the old chimes you would have to either run seperate 20v/12v for the doorbell cam ( and keep old button/chimes) or just use a regular v3 cam and leave the doorbell alone…

You might be able to do something funky with the automations/devices but it would be a hack.

Eg create a rule that says… when front door bell pushed trigger second device ( you have to rig up a switch/plug device to ring the chimes on a second 20v controlled line etc)

Oh well… That’s too bad. I really like the camera, but I also like my Big Ben chime. Plus, it is REALLY loud because it sets my dog off. The chime didn’t. even when I used to barking dog sound. LOL I’ll return the item.

Alrighty! Sorry it didn’t work out!