Wyze Vacuum WiFi Connection Drops Out

Yeah I second that. Was working good until the update. My map froze last night and vacuum was going around the perimeter of the house like 4 times only comply vacuuming one room. Reset map last night figured my be some sort of glitch with mapping now I’m unable to connect to it. Thread on Reddit going now I’m guessing most people are or will be having the same issue.

Same here! Firmware is current… Frstrating there’s no answer to this issue, short of deleting and starting over

Add my brand-new-arrived-today robot vacuum to the list, it’s actually doing its duty right now, but the app shows a “The robot is disconnected from the internet”, glad I’m not the only one.

Same boat here friend.

Same issue here.

Did the update today now the vacuum now the APP is saying internet not connected

mine just reconnected after disconnecting. hopefully they fixed the problem. anyone else feel like a beta tester without the compensation?

Mike too…says disconnected

Check the other threads. I agree.

Considering they needed to do a server side update and you had to update before the 20th I am betting we all lost connection because they are updating the server side. If it doesn’t come back tomorrow I’ll be worried.

And all of the sudden no more blinking lights and the robot is connected. I also notice in my app that the map of my house is the version before I updated to the latest firmware and ran a cleaning yesterday. My guess is that they rolled a server update back to a previous version and the issue all along has not been that it could not connect to the internet, but that it could not connect to the servers properly and that was interpreted by the app / robot that it could not connect to the internet (as mentioned in a previous post…not my idea).

Wyze team - Keep up the good work. I understand we are on the bleeding edge here. Happy to help get things right!

mine is out

Figured it was a server outage (AWS) and it has returned :slight_smile: thanks Wyze!

After installing the new wyze app for the vac , it performed 1 cleaning and lost it’s way back to dock. After helping it dock manually, than the wyze app indicated not connected to internet. after several attempts to reconnect we 1. deleted device from the app 2. added to app as new device. 3. pressed 2 buttons on the vac. 4.chose a 2.4 wifi network from phone 5. went back to wyze app chose t0 select the long string starting with WVCR___XXX. 6. go back to app and it should say connecting to network. Takes a few minutes.

Update, after the last (recent) update. I can now add the vac quite easily, a big improvement. However, the vac drops its internet connection under stable conditions, just sitting there. Can’t maintain the connection, so you have to delete and add again. At least that part works…better than before! I believe Wyze will get there.

I’m appreciative of what we have here, Wyze. A vac with a real capability, for about $200. You can spend upwards to $1000 on the top of the line robot vacuums…but I feel more comfortable with this price range.

Thursday morning… mine is offline again this morning…mike

Mine has been disconnecting ever since the update. It’s too bad because I finally got the map the way I wanted and the cleaning finally worked correctly for the whole house. Now it disconnects every time it returns to the charger.

For what its worth, mine is back online now, so whatever the issue was it’s been solved, at least in my case.

Mine is still disconnected.

Did you have to do anything to get it to come back online? Like reset it somehow or power on/off, etc.