Wyze V3 static and siren problems

I’m not sure why some folks are having issues. I have three now and no static issues. One arrived this past week and I set it up last night… no issues at all.

I received my preorder from November today from fedex , my ver 3 cam has lots of static as well. Already contacted support and they told me to power cycle the cam, factory reset it and try another power cable. Tried all 3 and still had lots of static. I hoy are they ignoring all of us, apparently they have an issue with the hardware.
I own 2 ver 2 cams and they both sound great, no static at all.
This is very disappointing Wyze

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Also started a ticket. Moved it two feet from the router to prove it’s not a Wi-Fi issue. Told to power cycle and flash the firmware. Still static.

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I submitted a ticket about 3 days ago and no response yet. I will update if I get a response.

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No response yet. I’m 2 for 2 on v3 static issues.

I got 4 free V3 through a cam-plus deal they had in December. Just got them yesterday and all 4 have static so bad you can barely hear someone a foot away. Opened a ticket but ill be asking for a refund and sending them back. V2s are perfect,

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Curious if you’ll hear back from someone at Wyze.

I submitted another ticket. They had me flash the firmware and told me to move it closer to my router.

Which did nothing.

Like someone else said. If you hold the camera up to your ear you can hear the noise coming out the back of the camera. So I guess the mic is just picking that up over actually sounds.

I’m still waiting on a response from them.

Was told to send another log with a screen shot of the camera device info. Also receive the remainder of my order yesterday. Set one up to see maybe my first batch was bad. Nope same static noise.

It’s so strange. None of my v.3 cameras are giving any static at all. Sounds are clear. I can even hear police sirens in the distance clearly. Two are outdoor and one is indoor. I also have a v.2 indoor. No issues with static. I’m wondering if the camera static is relatively limited to just some cameras since people seem more prone to voice concerns than to write anything if their camera is working perfectly. In the scheme of how many cameras are already distributed, this could be a limited issue… although it needs to be addressed definitely. There’s the other issue of course with some people receiving multiple cameras at different times and having static issues on all of them. (Although it is still baffling because mine arrived at different times without issues.)

That being said, there IS an unacceptable, (and EXACTLY 17 second delay), between the camera detecting motion and notifying me of that motion. By the time the notification arrives, the person or vehicle is long gone. I have a great video of what WAS, but not what IS. On the other hand, my Ring Doorbell Camera notifies me instantly of motion and records a couple of seconds of the cause of the motion detection event BEFORE the event and then the actual event itself… but the notifications are LIVE, and INSTANT. (I have my Ring Doorbell Camera set to notify me of both motion AND if someone rings the doorbell. The sensitivity is set to high to make up for what the Wyze Cameras do NOT notify me of instantly…and they never do.) The Ring also provides FAR fewer false notifications. By the way, this proves to me that it’s not a network speed issue on my end. It’s a Wyze server issue and programming issue. If Ring can provide instant notifications, so should Wyze. This needs to be a priority “fix” as well. I realize that the Wyze cameras records motion, processes it after uploading it to their server, and THEN sends a notification… but if this is a security camera, immediate notification is a MUST while the property violation or crime is in progress, not after the crime happens 17 seconds before. A car can be keyed and the vandal gone in 17 seconds.

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Yes my siren barely makes noise and forget about hearing the speaker at all. I requested an exchange but not looking to climb back up twice to remove and reinstall the cam. They simply refuse to send the new one with a return package so that this is more convenient for their customer. Going to finish out the term of my subscriptions and move on. The trends are disturbing for this company.

This is what I get on my phone. V3 cam 2ft away watching my router. Hear nothing but static. V2 cam 20ft away watching my puppy. No static. Something is definitly wrong with the V3 cams.

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I’ve had 3 x V2s for about a year with no problems. I replaced 2 of them with V3s, and again, no static problems - so that’s 2 x V3s and 1 x V2 without any problems.

Interestingly, I only started having the static problems with the V3s today when I installed the old V2s in another area and turned them on. So now my 2 x V3s have static, and my old 3 x V2s don’t.

I watched recording yesterday on one of the V3s…no static. Watched it again a few minutes ago, and there is now static.

Doesn’t make any sense at all.

So does that mean if you remove all your V2 cam, the V3 should have no static? V2 might be interfering with with the V3? I’ll delete my V2s and see.

Nope deleted all my cams except the one recording the router and still have static.

My three v.3 and one v,2 work fine together. No static.

Just received my three V3 units. They have unacceptable static with sound. It appears to be something with the internal components causing the buzzing. If you hold the unit up to your ear, you can hear it plainly coming from the back of the unit.

It has nothing to do with Wi-Fi, because I opened up a new unit and plugged it in and without connecting it to Wi-Fi or the app, there was plain static.

These will be going back. Very disappointing.

I’m wondering if it has anything to do with how they are shipped. One of my cams came in a much bigger box with no padding at all so it probably banged all over the inside of the box as the USPS shipped it from place to place. I was frankly surprised how there was padding or anything…

Very interesting. I’ll have to try that out later to see if I can hear it up close.

That’s exactly how mine sounds. A ton of noise when viewing through the app. When I removed the card and played the clip on my computer the noise is there, but not as loud. With my ear next to the camera I can hear a crackling sound which stops when I close the app.