Wyze V3 static and siren problems

The clip macster2075 uploaded is exactly what all 3 of mine sound like. It drowns out sounds you would otherwise want to hear in clips.

I packaged mine up and sent them back today, I’ll follow here to see for those who keep theirs if the firmware fixes it.

Yep that’s exactly like what all four of mine sound like also. I have tried the remove and re-add and made no difference. My 30 days is coming up this week and not sure if a firmware update will take care of the issue. Just don’t want to miss that return window. I will say that the static background noise has improved somewhat when it’s very very cold out like we have in the Midwest currently.

Wyze Cam v3 Firmware (December 28, 2020)

  • Improved local storage stability
  • Fixed a connectivity bug that caused live streams to get stuck at 3/3
  • Fixed a bug that caused a yellow spot in the center of the video
  • Added Spotlight support

Nothing for static

Then glad I’ve sent mine back.

Upgraded the firmware to and no help in any of the 4 cameras I have at 2 different locations with the static noise. Well I guess I am going to have to return them. Must of gotten a bad batch from the pre-order. See below for sample video.

I got the update today as well… still same static issue… I was contacted today by a Wayze rep who basically said it’s my wifi connection… I don’t think so because my camera is just a few feet away from the router… AND v2 didn’t have this issue… I also have other security cameras and Wyze is the only one with with problem… on both cameras V3 I got…

Apparently a firmware update will not fix this as it seems it’s an issue with just crappy components…(what else can we expect from a $20 camera, right?)… but still… Im a bit disappointed because the video quality is great, but the sound is horrible… it’s like they reversed course… v2 bad video, better sound… V3… much better video… .super crappy sound.

I watched some of the v3 reviews on YouTube and it seems like the static/white noise is the same in their videos as well. I’m starting to think this is just how v3 cameras are made, and it’s probably rare to have a unit that doesn’t have this issue.

Yep, new firmware, same static. Very disappointing, especially since I’m way past 30 days at this point.

Yup, agreed. Even some of the reviews are commenting on noise/pop/crackle for the audio quality. I realize they’re extremely inexpensive, however I can’t accept the step down in quality of sound from the v2 to what the v3 had, I’m hoping at some point there’s an acknowledgement from Wyze on this issue or someone with cameras comes on here and indicates it gets fixed.

Yes, I just received two of my V3 from a preorder and both have horrible static! My other Wyze cams do not. Bad thing is I still have two more coming to me. I know they are inexpensive but my other cams from them don’t have these issues and I love the video quality the V3 have.


I use the Google Nest WiFi Web system with a point placed on the other side of the glass where my two v.3 cams are located outside. I have none of your issues. I suspect it’s a WiFi connection issue and not one with the camera.

I have the same issue with the V3 cam. Tested it in the same room. The V2 cam you can hear the tv. The V3 cam all I hear is static. When I put my ear to the speaker on the back of the cams the V3 cam has a louder white-noise coming from the back. Maybe the mic is picking up that noise and drowning out all other sounds. If that is the case it is a hardware issue and updates will not fix the issue. First video V2cam. Second video V3 cam.

This! This is how my two that I’ve gotten in sound. And when someone speaks you still hear the static so it makes it hard to understand what is being said. I have two more that were pre ordered and on the way :disappointed:

I don’t believe it’s a WiFi issue. My cam pans do not have this issue and one of my v3 cams is placed near the router.

It’s most definitely not a WiFi issue. The only question remains is did Wyze sacrifice the microphone quality to increase the image quality to maintain the same price point or is it simply a software issue that can be fixed by firmware.

I’ve watched now at least 20 reviews of the v3 on Youtube and they all exhibit the same static sound issue. I’ve also noticed in the reviews that on the v3 that the sound was going in and out for them which isn’t good. One reviewer had all the wyze cameras available and compared them one by one and the v3 seemed to have the worst audio in comparison, but had the best video.

Either way, if the static doesn’t bother you, then you’re getting an awesome camera at a extremely decent price. If, like me, the sound quality is a deal breaker, I’ll wait and see if it gets fixed at some point.

We’re having the same issue. We did the preorder as well, didn’t set them up right away and yep. Both have the exact static as all of these videos.
Has anyone had a response from Wyze??

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I just received my V3 pre-order and I only have the static issue. At first, I thought that it may be caused by background noise, but I turned the volume down on all of my devices (when live streaming) and the static doesn’t go or even lower in volume (it’s present with the volume on my phone and tablet muted). I would assume that all audio would stop once the devices are muted. The static only goes away when clicking the speaker icon in the Wyze App during live viewing,

Mine makes a garbled mess of sound where the v2 once was. The siren isn’t audible and freezes the fees to the point I need to power cycle the camera. I asked for a replacement shipped with the RMA package since I don’t want a refund just a replacement, and I don’t want to pay double shipping to get one working camera when I reorder. Since this isn’t an option I’m dropping Wyze, I’ll finish out my free trial and the like but moving on to Eufy, I’ve heard great things about them. Wyze had it’s chance.

Same issue here. Tried everything but nothing could fix it. Only V3 has this issue. My V2 is fine. Pre-ordered the V3 and was excited until I set it up and started hearing this loud static noise while live streaming… Contacted customer support but it seems like this issue is still not recognized by the company…

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Just got my free V3 from the cam+ deal.

Yes, it also has static. So 3 for 3 now.

Anyone that submitted a ticket. What was Wyze’s response?

Since this one was from that deal I can’t return but also pointless to exchange.

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